Saucony Ride 10

If you are looking for a good pair of affordable running shoes, the Saucony Ride 10 shoes represent an interesting option. The 10th edition of the series is well received and its upgrades have been award-winning. Behind these claims and performances, the shoes are a lightweight solution which is affordable and which can represent a daily solution for the average runner. With a mesh upper which offers good levels of heat control, the shoes can even be used for long-distance running. Its outsole is versatile as well and this is why they can be used indoors as well.

10 reasons to buy

  • Award-winning design for successful upgrades of the Ride 9
  • Made with a mesh upper which helps keep your feet cool with less moisture due to the extra heat
  • Made with a woven heel for added stability and control
  • The midsole is made using Saucony’s own Everun foam technology for good shock absorption and proper cushioning
  • Made with the new Tri-Flex design which allows good flexibility with ground contact
  • Recommended for the neutral runner with no additional sider or arch support
  • Made with moderate cushioning which is often recommended for your first pair of running shoes
  • 8mm offset places the shoes among the market average for running support
  • Made with the Flexfilm technology which is effective in reducing the need for upper overlays
  • The outsole maintains traction even after a couple of hundred miles

1 reasons why not to buy

  • Roomy forefoot for race day performance

Are Saucony Ride 10 good for Marathon?

The Saucony Ride 10 shoes are recommended for marathon running. Even when running on different surfaces, the shoes offer a reliable solution for both traction and comfort with the fixed sock liner. This being said, multiple runners have noted the shoes come with a harder stride and reduced cushioning from their 9th version.

Are Saucony Ride 10 good for Half Marathon?

With a firm bounce, the shoes can be reliable for half marathons. The good news is that the shoes are on top of the game even when the pace is faster. Part of this performance comes from the Everun soft bounce layer.

Are Saucony Ride 10 good for 10k & 5k distance?

Even if it is not the lightest performer, the Saucony Ride 10 shoes are recommended for 10k and 5k distances. Their stability is perfect both during the race in pre-race training.

Are Saucony Ride 10 good for long distance running?

Using PowerFoam cushioning, the shoes are recommended for long-distance running. They offer a comfortable feel which can tackle most surfaces, which can only be seen as a major advantage when running longer distances.

Are Saucony Ride 10 good for plantar fasciitis?

The shoes can be an option for runners with plantar fasciitis, but they do not excel in this department. With foam cushioning, they work well on shorter distances. However, the fact that the insole can slip inside the shoes during long runs is a concern for those with plantar fasciitis.

Are Saucony Ride 10 good for high arches?

The stability design of the arch support is perfect for high arches. Runners with high arches can rely on the shoes to offer the support needed on dis different type of hard surfaces.

Are Saucony Ride 10 good for flat feet?

The cushioning of the Ride 10 has changed from the previous two versions. Some runners love it, others don’t. However, things can be very different from runner to runner. The main change acts in favor of speed, but at the same time, it can be a drawback for those with flat feet.

Are Saucony Ride 10 good for trial running?

With numerous flex grooves, the Tri-Flex outsole of the shoes is recommended for all types of surfaces, including grass. They should work well with light trails where their debatable cushioning is not a problem.

Are Saucony Ride 10 good for pronation?

As stability shoes, they offer a custom mid-foot section which works for reduced pronation. The shoes are comfortable for pronators.

Are Saucony Ride 10 good for overpronation?

Moderate overpronators find the shoes comfortable. With a midsole and a heel a bit firmer than what was expected, they offer a comfortable experience if the overpronation is not severe.

Are Saucony Ride 10 good for wide feet?

With a wider toe box, the shoes are recommended for natural biomechanics. The midfoot and the heel do feel a bit tighter due to the stabilizing profile of the shoes.

Are Saucony Ride 10 good for walking?

Made for the road, the running shoes can also be used for walking. The upper fits very well, following the contour of the foot. It is a top choice for walking shoes.

Are Saucony Ride 10 good for gym?

It is clear that the outsole of the shoes has been made for the outdoors. However, active runners can also use the shoes for gym training sessions. Even if the outsole can struggle on slippery surfaces, especially on trails, this is far from the case of the gym, where there are no issues with treadmill running.

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