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New Balance 990 v4

Made with New Balance’s unmistakable look, the 990 v4 offers one of the best solutions when for versatility. With a durable outsole and upper, the shoes are used for running. But they also represent one of the leading options for training in the gym, walking or other physical activities, similarly to many other New Balance options. With a design which favors those who seek extra cushioning with their 12mm drop, the shoes represent one of the best solutions when it comes to overall shock absorption capacity. Of course, they are not the lightest running shoes, but the purpose goes much further.

10 reasons to buy

  • The rugged design which is useful for runners who want to tackle different surfaces
  • Made with a robust upper and outsole for added durability
  • Added overlays on the upper for improved lateral support
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Great for all feet as the shoes come in all widths
  • 12mm heel to toes drop for added shock absorption capacity
  • Blow rubber outsole offers a robust design often recommended for those seeking improved traction
  • EVA cushioning offers good shock absorption capacity comparable to the alternatives in this class
  • Manufactured in the US using pigskin for extra strength
  • Upper made with a combination of materials

2 reasons why not to buy

  • Not the most breathable design
  • Heavy for some runners

Are New Balance 990 v4 good for Marathon?

The shoes might be in every store but they might not be the most comfortable choice for marathons. With a bulky profile, they come with a certain versatility which recommends them as a marathon training shoe.

Are New Balance 990 v4 good for Half Marathon?

With the ENCAP medial support footbed, the shoes might seem comfortable at first. However, their bulky profile can be seen as a major problem for a few runners. Then there is the issue of flexibility, which is at a low standard compared to the competition.

Are New Balance 990 v4 good for 10k & 5k distance?

The shoes might be the most durable design in their class and they can also be seen as iconic give Steve Jobs was a fan of the series. However, their overall bulky profile and the pigskin upper is a bit outdated. For a premium price, they can be the training solution when preparing for a 10k race.

Are New Balance 990 v4 good for long distance running?

With an EVA core and a blown rubber outsole, the shoes can be among the leading options for general comfort. They can be a solution for long distance runs, at least at a slower pace where speed is not important due to their bulkiness and lack of flexibility.

Are New Balance 990 v4 good for plantar fasciitis?

The shoes offer great protection and shock absorption on the pavement and hard surfaces. This recommends them for those with plantar fasciitis and it makes the shoes reliable. The combination of the breathable upper and the foam midsole keeps the foot secure and comfortable.

Are New Balance 990 v4 good for high arches?

The ENCAP ring with the EVA midsole offers great support for the feet. At 316 grams, they are also quite heavy with reduced flexibility. But this can play in the advantage of those with high arches.

Are New Balance 990 v4 good for flat feet?

Runners with flat feet can appreciate the 4th version of the classic 990. While the shoes are comfortable for these runners, they may show their limit in preventing feet soreness over longer runs.

Are New Balance 990 v4 good for trial running?

The blown rubber materials of the outsole recommend the shoes for road and track running. They can even handle mild trails. With a bulky and supportive profile, the shoes are a top choice for lateral support which is needed with this type of running.

Are New Balance 990 v4 good for pronation?

Made with EVA and polyurethane midfoot support, they offer reliable stability and comfort for pronators.

Are New Balance 990 v4 good for overpronation?

With improved support for the midfoot, overpronation is considerably reduced with the shoes. They are recommended for serious overpronation.

Are New Balance 990 v4 good for wide feet?

The shoes might be bulky, but they are certainly comfortable for all feet. They are available in narrow, standard, wide and X-wide widths. Such customization can only be recommended for the best width fit.

Are New Balance 990 v4 good for walking?

For walking purposes, the 990 series is a popular choice. Being so widely available, they are used as casual shoes. The durability of the materials helps as well.

Are New Balance 990 v4 good for gym?

Since they are made to tackle all surfaces, the 990 v4 are good for the gym as well. The dual density collar foam presents a comfortable design for all types of exercises while the outsole offers plenty of grip on slippery surfaces as well as on the treadmill.

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