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Hoka One One Mach

With the same bulky midsole design specific to Hoka, the Mach shoes are a recommended comfort solution. They are made with a lightweight design and at just above 200g, they can be the first option for daily training and racing day for different types of runners. Made with a knit upper and decent cushioning on the collar, the shoes are comfortable and breathable for most users. At the same time, they offer improved lockdown with the expanded lacing system.

10 reasons to buy

  • Lightweight at 218 grams
  • Made with an outsole which is mainly covered by rubber for extra protection and good grip on various surfaces
  • Designed with the same 5mm drop as the Hoka Clifton 5
  • Uses knit materials for the upper which offer good breathability and thermal protection during wintertime
  • Made with the ProFly dual density midsole for a firmer and more supportive feel
  • Uses RMAT technology on the outsole for added durability and miles
  • Great fit with the knit upper which follows the contour of the foot
  • Increased durability of the upper with no creases
  • Removable insole offers the possibility of using orthotics
  • Ventilated side panels for better heat handling capacity

2 reasons why not to buy

  • Limited tight lockdown capacity due to the lacing design
  • Limited color options


The new shoes offer one of the most memorable experiences. Even if Hoka is already associated with bold and alternative designs, the shoes represent one of the most interesting solutions for those who seek a different experience which combines impressive lightweight with good traction capacity across virtually all flat surfaces around the city.

In terms of new technologies, the shoes offer the same midsole profile which has already been used by Hoka. At the same time, the added benefit of combining these solutions with new materials such as the knit upper can be a good reason for fans of the manufacturer to upgrade or joint this effervescent category of shoes which are among the most versatile in this price range. With the added benefit if practicality, the minimalistic design of the shoes recommends them for faster running speeds, regardless of the skill level of the runner. Since they are a premium design, runners might think that they are exclusive for experienced athletes, but their simplicity recommends them even if you are about to run for the first time.


Featuring a durable rubber outsole, the shoes are recommended for those seeking improved overall safety and stability, even on slippery surfaces. While the knit upper does not recommend the shoes for running on rain, you might still find the time to go out running once the rain has stopped and this is where the outsole can come to your advantage. At the same time, it is an extra layer of protection for the small 5mm offset with its aggressive feel.


Hoka is now associated with bulky midsoles which sometimes don’t use any rubber at all. The good news is that the Mach shoes offer the same visual identity while maintaining the same profile for the midsole. With 27mm in the heel and 22mm in the forefoot, the shoes represent one of the interesting solutions when it comes to tackling different surfaces. However, the foam cushioning is not market-leading, but it is very close as it has even inspired multiple manufacturers for a new line of shoes.


The knit upper posed some doubts about breathability. The good news is that Hoka handled this with care and made the side panels with perforations which help breathability in key areas. At the same time, the manufacturer did a good job when it comes to improved fit with the knit materials. This is why the upper takes the shape of your foot which can help in terms of comfort and a bit less in terms of performance. But the main point is that Hoka managed to design leading solutions with both mesh and knit uppers which were at the same level, if not better, with some of the more popular alternatives on the market.

Size And Fit

With one of the largest selection of sizes, the shoes are similar to other Hoka designs. They come in 1/3 and 2/3 intermediary sizes which recommends them for different feet. While they are made in different size, they lack the freedom of the width selection which is offered by New Balance for the ultimate running shoe experience. But if you have regular feet, the shoes can be one of the options to consider.

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