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Hoka One One Clifton 5

The Hoka Clifton 5 are among the shoes which are known for innovation. Just a short while ago, the series introduced the bulky midsole design which was shortly copied by other bigger manufacturers. But the Clifton 5 has the same feel and look at the Clifton 4, with small improvements in key areas. The weight is now a bit lower and the materials are a bit better. But the overall feel of the shoes is similar and actually softer. This is why they are recommended for those seeking improved overall comfort and who are already familiar with the previous designs form the Clifton series.

12 reasons to buy

  • Slightly improved weight for the latest Clifton
  • Better overall weight distribution on the outsole
  • Designed with one of the simplest uppers in its class for ultimate running performance
  • A soft and very flexible outsole as a result of reduced rubber use
  • The outsole features exposed EVA for a more cushioned running experience
  • Made with a heel pull-tab for added practicality, especially when in a hurry
  • Upper available in 5 color options
  • Added rubber in strategic places of the outsole for good traction when needed the most
  • EVA midsole cushioning offers one of the balanced types of foams in terms of responsiveness for the price
  • Made with a mesh upper for improved breathability and to maintain the lightweight profile of the shoes
  • Short 5mm offset recommends the shoes as an aggressive solution for added speed
  • Made with a large amount of exposed EVA foam for reduced final weight

3 reasons why not to buy

  • Softer than the previous version
  • A limited amount of rubber for outdoor running durability
  • Not the most comfortable upper


The shoes are made to offer a lightweight profile. This is why they are even made according to the older principles of the previous version which replaces large amounts of rubber with exposed EVA foam. This has certainly been viewed differently from the previous generation as many manufacturers are doing similar designs.

There are a few upgrades from the first Clifton. The weight is slightly lower and the outsole is lighter and supportive. But the main differences come with flexion. The 5th generation Clifton offers impressive responsiveness and the ability to maintain good flexibility regardless of the type of stride you have. Whether you use your forefoot the most or your heel the most, the shoes can offer the same support in both situations.


The outsole of the shoes is recommended when runners need better cushioning and improved flexibility. This might not be new to the series but it provides the flexion which is needed when running around the city, the track, on the asphalt or even on the treadmill. Since the shoes are not made with the considerable amount of rubber, they can also be a solution for running on the treadmill, at the gym, as wear is reduced in this situation.


The midsole of the shoes is similar to the outsole, without the rubber insertions. Since it runs towards the outsole as well, the thicker profile recommends the midsole for better overall comfort, especially in the conditions in which you want a bouncy experience. But at the same time, the midsole is a couple by one of the smallest offsets in the class and this still maintains their aggressive appeal.


Made with mesh materials, the upper represents one of the simplest and most efficient solutions for those seeking improved comfort, especially in the conditions in which the breathability is at a high level. Made with extra perforations, the upper is a top material when it comes to heat control. Even the thin tongue design can be seen as a plus, especially if you consider that you can actually set the laces tighter.

Size And Fit

The size and the fit of the shoes are true to size. With intermediary sizes, the shoes represent one of the best solutions for the ultimate fit. So if they are not the best solution for cushioning, the shoes are definitely one of the options to consider for the users who seek improved fit for faster running speeds.

The fit of the shoes can be manually adjusted through the heel pull-tab and through the thin tongue. But one of their drawbacks comes with the obvious limitations when it comes to width selection, especially if you have wide feet.

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