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Mizuno Wave Rider 21

Mizuno is one of the most respected names in the running industry. With modern shoes which are often at the cutting edge of technology, the shoes from the manufacturer are received with joy by the running community. The Wave Rider 21 is no different. Made with the triple zone upper, the running shoes are comfortable, secure and affordable. As many mid-range options, they have a few characteristics which bring them closer to the premium designs, which can only be another plus for most runners.

10 reasons to buy

  • Made with the Airmesh upper for next-level breathability, recommended for long running sessions to keep your feet cool
  • The dynamic fit technology integrates the upper which is flexible and it expands with your foot for a more natural feel
  • The intercool technology integrates proper ventilation which recommends the shoes for running even during the hot summer days
  • Mizuno Wave technology for the ultimate comfort while running
  • Integrated with the SmoothRide design for a better transition from heel to toe and proper biomechanics with reduced impact on your joints
  • Made with Mizuno’s X10 outsole which can handle all types of flat surfaces
  • Designed with the popular U4ic midsole for the best shock absorption
  • The midsole is made with the Cloudwave technology for added comfort with increased cushioning
  • Made with a premium sockliner for a comfortable all-day feel
  • Redesigned upper with a fresh new approach to a popular running series such as the Wave Rider

2 reasons why not to buy

  • Reduced number of vivid colors
  • Not best for versatility as a casual shoe


With a new design and improved technologies, the shoes represent an attractive option for Mizuno fans. Even upgrading from the previous version is tempting for many runners, especially in the conditions in which they would have to work with better breathability and an up to date design based on the same plate support which made the series so popular.

There are multiple technologies integrated into the Wave Rider 21. Many of them are based on designs which are recommended to those seeking improved overall comfort, such as the redesigned upper. With quality mesh materials, you now have more freedom to train longer, which can mean that you can upgrade your old Wave Riders as well.

The midsole is also worth mentioning, even if it is not entirely new. But the series now see the Cloudwave technology which has been received well with the fans of the manufacturer. Its comfort has never been as fine-tune as it is now.


The X10 rubber outsole is among the main strengths of the shoes. With a design which favors durability, the shoes can tackle all types of flat surfaces. Even if some runners take them off the beaten path as well, they are not really made for these surfaces and their best performance is achieved on flat surfaces. Taking the shoes out on the track is where you can really test their performance at top speeds, especially in dry conditions.


The midsole features a few of the most interesting technologies from the manufacturer. Made with a solid midsole based on the Wave plate support and on the U4ic cushioning, the shoes represent one of the most interesting solutions when it comes to better overall performance on long runs. If you only train for sprints, you may not be able to tell that the midsole is improved in performance.


The upper is now completely redesigned and it represents one of the main strengths of the shoes. With a better outlook of a profile which doesn’t look far from premium, the breathable upper is one of the main strengths of the shoes. But the ventilation is not the only characteristics worth noting about the upper. With a padded ankle collar, you have the certainty that you will be comfortable, even when pushing your speed limits.

Size And Fit

The shoes are among the comfortable options which fit very well. The Dynamotion Fit technology ensures that you have the space to feel comfortable from all angles. Even more, it is also worth noting that they will work for people with wider feet as well. If you want to ensure the ultimate fit, you need to consider the shoes as true to size and you also need to expect plenty of forefoot space for overpronation. The classic lacing also ensures that you are quickly able to set your own desired lockdown for proper comfort and control at any speed.

Are Mizuno Wave Rider 21 good for Marathon?

The firm cushioning of the shoes recommends them for marathon training. In most cases, however, they lack the plush feel which would see them as a choice for full marathons.

Are Mizuno Wave Rider 21 good for Half Marathon?

Even heavier runners can consider the shoes for half marathons. They represent a choice for training as well. However, a number of runners have noted that the shoes come with a thin upper which may not protect the feet too well form the cold on these runs.

Are Mizuno Wave Rider 21 good for 10k & 5k distance?

While the shoes are firm, the extra cushion comfort needed for 10k races is lacking. Given the underperformance of the upper’s thermal protection, the shoes really become troublesome for long distances, but not for all runners.

Are Mizuno Wave Rider 21 good for long distance running?

Since there is nothing new about the CloudWave Plate, the shoes remain alright for long distances, as long as runners don’t want the latest technologies for this purpose.

Are Mizuno Wave Rider 21 good for plantar fasciitis?

The CloudWave Plate design which runs from the heel to the midfoot can offer priceless protection for runners with plantar fasciitis.

Are Mizuno Wave Rider 21 good for high arches?

The neutral arch support is not impressive in the Muzino shoes. However, the CloudWave Plate can act to alleviate some of the pressure which is felt by those with high arches. As long as runners stay away from the 10k runs, they should feel comfortable wearing the shoes.

Are Mizuno Wave Rider 21 good for flat feet?

The underfoot support is rated very high by runners in the 22nd edition of the Mizuna Wave Rider. This is why they are recommended for flat feet and plantar fasciitis among new releases.

Are Mizuno Wave Rider 21 good for trial running?

With blown rubber in the forefoot, there is some room for trail running. However, the carbon rubber is not specifically intended for trail running. The outsole can handle the road and the occasional light trail run.

Are Mizuno Wave Rider 21 good for pronation?

The shoes are not recommended for those with pronation at their current sizes. As they can be tight, runners who really want to own the latest Wave Rider should go half a size up.

Are Mizuno Wave Rider 21 good for overpronation?

Serious overpronators might struggle to find comfort in the shoes. Given the tight shoes come with overlays which can press into the mesh, overpronators can find them uncomfortable.

Are Mizuno Wave Rider 21 good for wide feet?

The shoes are made for both men and women. In both cases, runners are recommended to go half a size up. They are only available in D, which is the medium width.

Are Mizuno Wave Rider 21 good for walking?

The Wave Rider shoes can be a comfortable walking solution. The CloudWave Plate is what makes them comfortable even when walking for hours.

Are Mizuno Wave Rider 21 good for gym?

A tight fit can be seen as practical in the gym. Since there are hundreds of exercises which can be performed while training in the gym, the shoes’ tight fit works well for indoor training. The premium anatomical sock liner helps as well.

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