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Saucony Xodus ISO 3

The Saucony Xodus ISO 3 shoe is one of the leading options for trail running. Made similarly to a boot, the shoes are truly designed for running. With a quality upper and an impressive outsole, the combine good fit with a good grip for an impressive final result. They are also among the premium options on the market, offering one of the most tempting solutions when going off the beaten path. They also replace the first version of the Xodus with a more up to date offering.

12 reasons to buy

  • Designed with a fresh approach to trail running with up to date technologies
  • Made for runners who prefer a good grip with a lightweight shoe just above the 300gr mark
  • Designed with an upper which is easy to clean
  • The heel area is made to protect the Achille’s tendon
  • Designed with no traditional tongue for an improved sock-like fit
  • Made with durable lacing which locks the midfoot into position
  • Designed with the Everun midsole for proper comfort
  • Made with the Isofit dynamic upper which can support the complex movements of trail running
  • Designed with an external support frame for added protection
  • PWRTRAC + XT 900 outsole design and durability with impressive grip
  • Chevron-inspired outsole studs for added traction even on slippery surfaces
  • Responsive and comfortable for neutral pronation and normal arches

3 reasons why not to buy

  • Not made with a waterproof design
  • Heavy compared to flat surface running shoes
  • Moderate cushioning might not be a top choice for all runners


As one of the premium designs for trail running, the shoes are among the few options which are also made using some of the latest technologies and design tendencies. For example, they are made to protect the Achille’s tendon with a design which is proving to be popular among other manufacturers as well. But the shoes also impress in areas such as the upper and the outsole which is among the most important when it comes to the harsh conditions of trail running.

The shoes are entirely new and they thus come with an unknown performance for the owners of the Xodus ISO 2. But they are often worth the upgrade as they are considerably better in the upper and interesting in the midsole and outsole. With moderate cushioning, they are a great solution for the experienced runner and they can also be a good transition for the trail runner used to the entry-level options. This being said, they could be considered as a staple in their class if they were to offer the full water protection some trail runners crave.


With the PWRTRAC + XT-900 outsole, the shoes are recommended for top grip on multiple surfaces. Of course, their performance on wet surfaces or rocks is quite a different from the one on the ground. But as far as outsole go, the shoes are among the most interesting solutions for traction. The durability of the outsole also matches their premium profile and this makes the shoes a top solution for skilled runners. But even if they are not made for the beginner, they can still represent a good solution for you if you want to experiment with a design which can handle all the different surfaces you can encounter on the trail from a performance point of view.


The shoes need good cushioning to absorb the constant shocks on the trails. This is why it is necessary to find the right solution when it comes to improved overall comfort, especially in the conditions in which you want to enjoy the full-length cushioning of the Everun design. While it is not superior to the alternatives on the market, it does a good job with bounciness as well.


The upper can be considered a work of art for trail running shoes but it is seriously limited by only two color options. For the most part, the shoes are among the options to consider when it comes to better overall fit. This can be seen in the way the upper is designed. Using mesh materials and overlays in critical areas, they are a durable solution which can easily be used multiple times per week.

With a good fit, the upper offers a design with no tradition tongue and extra padding and protection for the Achille’s tendon. If you are recovering from an injury in this area, the shoes can also be a recommended option, especially as they come with an added heel counter as well.

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