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Saucony Echelon 7

The Saucony Echelon 7 offer a wider profile for extra stability and cushioning. Available in men’s and women’s versions, the shoes are recommended to those who want a stable performer with a cushioned profile. Saucony also improved the outsole for extra durability and the upper to allow improved ventilation. But most importantly, the running shoes come with a thick sockliner for extra cushioning with the possibility of adding aftermarket orthotics for those runners who need a more custom feel and support.

8 reasons to buy

  • Improved outsole materials to increase durability based on the carbon foam
  • Plenty of lateral support
  • Adaptability for aftermarket orthotics
  • Thick 8mm sockliner
  • Strengthened heel support design
  • Open mesh upper design for extra breathability
  • Available in different widths
  • Recommended for most types of running

2 reasons why not to buy

  • Bouncy profile for some runners
  • Arch support not at highest standards


When compared to the 6th generation Echelon, the running shoes shine when it comes to stability. Even if the previous version was good at offering cushioning, the Echelon 7 mark a stronger profile with added versatility for most types of runners. So where would they fit best? Those jogging, running in the park or even those who love to set new records on the treadmill can find considerable benefits with the Echelon 7. At the same time, there are no reasons not to update from the 6th series for dedicated runners.

When it comes to proper cushioning shoe customization, Saucony knows that runners have different types of feet. It seems the Echelon 7 shoes are made to fit all types of feet, even those with very specific needs such as extreme pronation. With improved outsole durability, they can be a worthy option for any type of runner.


The shoes come with a distinct profile which recommends them for both men and women in need of a cushioned performer. As they build on the experience of the Echelon 6, the shoes are now wider to improve the contact surface with the ground offering them a more stable outlook. At the same time, they are among the best solutions for runners who want to tackle different flat surfaces with daily training.

Saucony also improved the materials in the manufacturing of the outsole. With carbon foam in high impact areas of the heel and of the forefoot, they should be more durable in normal use conditions. The combined foam types of the outsole should account for good flexibility in the conditions of a slightly better durability than most runners expect.


Using the Everun technology, the shoes come with a cushioned midsole. It is not the best in class, but it works well to guide the foot while offering the improved cushioning needed in these types of shoes. At the same time, they come with a thick 8mm insole which is very valuable for cushioning. However, this insole can also be easily removed by those runners who are not happy with the arch support. Various orthotics can be used with the shoes as there is plenty of room for them. A good way to find the best orthotics for the shoes is to look for a thick alternative as well, which would be similar to the intended design of the Echelon 7.


As expected, the upper features an engineered mesh for extra breathability. It comes as one of the top solutions for ventilation in the cushioning niche. At the same time, the upper is still supportive and this can be best seen in the reinforced heel. For those looking to improve the way their Echelon shoes fit, the 7th release is the way to go.

Size And Fit

One of the distinct advantages of the Echelon 7 is the fit. Both men and women can find their sizes with ease. At the same time, the regular, wide and extra wide profiles of the shoes represent one of the most interesting options when it comes to better fit. In the conditions in which they can offer the support needed for extreme pronators, the shoes can be seen as quite versatile for fit. 

But even if the shoes come with a cushioning profile, they do not support high or fallen arches too well. For this purpose, even Saucony recommends using a third-party orthotics alternative which is far superior for runners who need the midfoot support. The good news is that since the shoes come with a thick insole, most orthotics will fit great without changing the fit too much. 

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