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Saucony Guide ISO 2

The Saucony Guide ISO 2 running shoes offer a stable cushioned profile perfect for runners who need extra comfort. With a comfortable profile, the shoes are not revolutionary but they can be reliable, which is great for most runners. For this purpose, they come with foam cushioning in the technology which Saucony names as PWRFOAM. Combined with a breathable mesh and plenty of comfort around the ankles with thick padding, the shoes are both flexible and supportive.

6 reasons to buy

  • Comfortable thick foam cushioning for shock absorption
  • Breathable Jacquard mesh upper
  • Great support for a natural stride
  • Stretchy upper construction recommended for overpronation
  • Regular and wide sizes available for men and women
  • Added reflective elements to the heels

1 reasons why not to buy

  • Not the most comfortable tongue design


Over the previous version, the shoes come with the ISOFIT upper. For most runners, this is seen as a good update. For others, like those with high arches, the change can come with some discomfort in the tongue area. Whichever the case, they can be among the most interesting options when it comes to cushioning and stability and a good update when it comes to fit. 

Saucony has managed to design the Guide ISO 2 as a perfect solution for those who are getting into cushioning shoes. With a lightweight profile, they can be perfect to hit the streets every day. At the same time, they have plenty of versatility to be considered for the track or treadmill as well. Those with knee issues such as inflammation, discomfort and even pain can find the true value in the design. Furthermore, having the ability to choose a wider fit can also be among the most important benefits when it comes to proper comfort even with lateral movements. With the Formfit contoured footbed, the shoes have all it takes to run for short or long distances.


It’s, without doubt, the shoes are made for road running. They can easily be used on the track where they also excel in support. Of course, they are not the best option for uneven surfaces. But those running around city limits or on the track can find plenty of traction in the outsole. Furthermore, the grooves of the outsole also allow good flexibility levels which can act as extra motivation for those who do not run on the heels.


The main advantage of the running shoes is represented by their cushioning. Made with the PWRFOAM technology, they are recommended for new runners who want to take it easy or for seasoned runners who want to reduce the impact running has on the knees. But the extra foam doesn’t mean the Guide ISO 2 lack support and for this purpose, the outsole has been well integrated with the midsole for a comfortable feel with great stability even when sprinting. 

For many runners, the shoes might even feel bouncy. They come with an energetic response and they represent one of the best solutions when it comes to long runs where feet can get tired. On the other hand, those who love a natural response might need to look elsewhere.


When it comes to the upper, the improved ISOFIT technology means the foot is wrapped by the shoes and in combination with the stretch Jacquard mesh, they provide a stable but responsive feel.  The mesh is also highly breathable which is perfect for the hot summer days. At the same time, the thick padding around the heel and the ankle make the upper comfortable even when sprinting.

One of the issues of the upper can come with the redesigned tongue. Those with high arches might feel a slight discomfort just where the tongue begins, which means the wide version is highly recommended in this situation.

Size And Fit

Made true to size, the shoes cover the needs of most runners. Available in regular and wide widths, they can be a dependable solution for the right type of fit. Without a doubt, the construction of the upper also allows some type of movement for overpronation due to the stretchy mesh materials. 

In terms of feel, the shoes might not be the most lightweight solution on the market. They come with a thick midsole which means runners who love to feel the track will not get too excited. But then again, as cushioning shoes, they are not really made for this purpose. The main idea of the fit is to get it right in order to make the most of the improved cushioning when compared to regular running shoes. 

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