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Brooks Cascadia 13 GTX

The 13th Cascadia GTX shoes from Brooks are recommended for the enthusiast trail runner. Made with a few improvements over the previous version which includes a wider toe box and improved mud protection, the shoes are perfect for the outdoor enthusiast. With a rugged profile, the shoes are also versatile for various trail activities such as hiking as well. Those who love to run out on trails will find the mixed outsole design to offer the much-needed traction across various surfaces and obstacles.

8 reasons to buy

  • Robust outsole design with large lugs for traction on mud, dirt, gravel, and grass
  • Now available in wide width for those with wide feet
  • Decent upper breathability
  • Comfortable cushioning for shock absorption
  • Improved rubber mudguard for extra durability
  • Waterproof upper for total running freedom in all weather conditions
  • Integrated heel pull tab for a quick fit
  • Good lateral stability on various obstacles such as rocks

2 reasons why not to buy

  • Eyelets can be improved
  • Needs extra upper support for downhill runs


When compared to the 12th Cascadia GTX, the shoes are certainly more valuable due to this improved comfort for those with h wide fit. The improved mudguard can also weigh heavily in terms of shoe durability. But most importantly, the shoes are now fully adapted to the needs of most runners who love a bit more room when dealing with trails.

The shoes are made for added practicality and they can be among the most interesting options when it comes to comfort off the beaten path. But at the same time, their robustness can recommend them for any other type of adventures such as hiking or trekking. The comfort is also there so runners who want to stay on the trail for hours and hours can rely on the shoes as the sole option. It means they are recommended both as a new purchase and as an upgrade from the previous Cascadia GTX.


The Brooks Cascadia 13 GTX comes with a robust outsole. It features lugs of various shapes and sizes which aim to add the traction capacity needed when running on trails. The multi-directional lugs are reliable even if they are not the best in the class. In fact, they are made for the general runner without any specific traction in mind which gives them extra flexibility. This translates into more variation and the shoes are often chosen by hikers as well. 

However, the thick lugs are not the best choice for flexibility and the shoes might not be the best walking option for those seeking a versatile design for any type of sporting activity. For trail running, the outsole does a good job, especially on dry surfaces. 


With a comfortable profile, the shoes come with good support experience even for long running sessions. Brooks calls the adaptable support ‘BioMoGo DNA’. But this fancy name represents the adaptability of the midsole to the feet while running. It is crucial for many trail runners and it is also why the midsole is the first feature to consider when choosing new trail running shoes.

In terms of support, not much has changed with the latest release. Those who have specific arch support needs may look for another design. But runners without flat feet or high arches can find the Cascadia 13 GTX to be comfortable.


It’s no doubt the added mudguard gives the upper a rugged look. But at the same time, the mudguard is among the features which make the shoes practical, as it simplifies the cleaning process after a long day out running. Of course, the upper also comes with a waterproof design which keeps the feet dry in various running situations during light showers. 

On the other hand, the upper also features the biggest drawbacks as well. The most important one to consider comes with the lacing system, especially with the eyelets which could be improved for durability, especially for those who enjoy a tighter fit. 

Size And Fit

Brooks fans can choose between a regular and a wide fit. This allows them to customize the way the shoes feel on the feet. While this is not new to trail running shoes, it can be one of the important characteristics for runners with wide feet or for those who love a bit more space when dealing with typical obstacles on the trails. The fit around the ankle can also be further improved, but the extra cushioning might allow a more natural running experience. Downhill runs can also be improved for support in the upper, which is a bit looser as a result. 

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