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Adidas Terrex Agravic XT

Designed to be the most cushioned solution in the Terrex line, the Agravit XT represent reliable shoes which are very comfortable, even if it doesn’t seem like this at a first glance. Featuring a breathable mesh upper and EVA comfort cushioning, the shoes are completed by an outsole which is recommended for the next trail running adventure. Of course, no shoe is perfect and the Terrex Agravic XT can come with some minor drawbacks, such as the adaptable mesh lining, which is somewhat new to a few trail runners.

6 reasons to buy

  • Impressive cushioning perfect for trail running adventures
  • Unique Boost design for trail running shoes
  • Adaptable mesh lining to prevent debris from entering the shoes
  • No tongue design for a comfortable fit
  • Multi-directional lugs for proper outsole traction
  • Continental outsole rubber materials

2 reasons why not to buy

  • Bootie style design not for all trail runners
  • Not best for cold environments


It’s clear the Adidas Terrex Agravic XT represents a top solution for trail runners and fans of the German manufacturer. The shoes finally offer Boost technology in a trail running design which certainly is seen as a great direction towards the future of the series.

The added bootie-style design also works well when it comes to improved comfort, especially on dry surfaces where small rocks and sand can easily get in the shoes. But they are also improved in the way Adidas combines its TPU pellets with Continental rubber to offer a top outsole and probably one of the best for traction in its class. The extra durability of the outsole also means the shoes should last for hundreds of more miles for most runners.

Adidas has managed to create a trail running shoe combining some of its most up to date technologies. The manufacturer offers a cushioned feel for trail runners with the Terrex Agravic XT which is based on one of the best outsoles for this type of running.


One of the main strengths of the running shoes comes with the design and the materials of the outsole. Made from Continental automotive rubber, the outsole offers good grip and impressive durability. Part of this grip performance is based on the multi-directional lugs of the outsole. These lugs can offer a helping hand when runners take on uphill on downhill running. With decent performance on wet surfaces and great performance on dry terrains, the outsole of the shoes rises to the expectations of a Terrex design. 


Another area with considerable benefits can be found in the midsole. Using one of the thickest midsoles in the class, the shoes are very supportive and comfortable as a result. Many runners can find the midsole to be superior especially when dealing with some obstacles such as small rocks. The technologies behind this midsole are actually a combination of the proven EVA materials and the Boost Adidas-specific Boost technology with its TPU pellets. These two combined materials are recommended to absorb shocks and they offer an almost cushioning profile to the running shoes. The midsole works great as it comes but it can also be slightly improved with some customization which typically comes from adding a third-party insole which is fully possible with the Terrex Agravic XT.


The upper of the shoes are made with multiple layers. If the top layer uses a combination of mesh materials with overlays, the inner layer comes with a bootie-style design perfect for an improved fit. The breathability of the upper does not compromise durability and the overlays can also act as mudguards. But runners will love and hate the inner shoe with its adaptable materials around the ankle. While they are great at keeping debris out of the shoes, they might also not be to the taste of some runners. But from a technical perspective, the design is made for better fit, which it provides. 

Further practicality can be seen in the upper as well. The traditional lacing works great with the no-tongue design for the purpose of ease of use. This purpose is also helped by the heel pull tab which is now seen in more and more trail running shoes.

Size And Fit

The shoes fit exceptionally well, especially due to the engineered sock liner. However, Adidas does not offer other options for wider feet and the shoes may favor those with narrower feet. But even in these conditions, there is plenty of room for those who might need to change their arch support with third-party insoles. For this purpose, the shoes are recommended for mild pronators and for regular arch support.

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