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Adidas Questar Trail

The Adidas Questar Trail running shoes are among the affordable options to start outdoor adventures. With a versatile outsole, the shoes go far beyond trails as they can easily be used to run on flat surfaces as well. They can replace regular track running shoes and trail running shoes in a 2-in-1 design which many runners can appreciate. But at their core, the shoes are orientated towards trails and using the Traxion outsole design, they work great for durability which is certainly an issue on uneven surfaces.

6 reasons to buy

  • Proper running shoe versatility with a trail twist
  • Traxion outsole unit for improved durability
  • Multi-directional lugs for improved traction
  • Mesh upper breathability
  • Cloadfoam proved Adidas comfort
  • Neutral shoe great for multiple surfaces

2 reasons why not to buy

  • Lacing pressure on the midfoot
  • Hybrid outsole not made for top trail performance


The Questar Trail running shoes might not bring too many updates to this niche or to Adidas shoes. They are actually based on proven technologies and designs from the manufacturer. But this also comes with distinct advantages, such as being able to sell the shoes for a more affordable price. At the same time, the manufacturer used proven technologies such as the Cloudfoam support to offer a reliable solution for the versatile design. 

Even in these conditions, a few areas are above the class of the shoes. One of them is represented by the thin internal lining which is comfortable and which plays a considerable role in the natural stride. Many runners can also appreciate this material when it comes to the breathability of the upper, even if they are less likely to be used in long runs. With neutral support, the shoes can offer most runners a reliable solution, especially when dealing with a tight budget. They also prove that trail running is also affordable for those who love to stay active and who equally love nature.


The Questar Trail running shoes are among the versatile designs from the German manufacturer. This can be seen both as an advantage and as a weak point. It can be an advantage for those who don’t want to purchase multiple shoes for different running surfaces. But it can also be seen as a drawback for top trail runners who love to push their training or racing sessions to the limits. 

Even so, the shoes are made with the full-length Traxion design and with multi-directional triangular lugs, they can offer sufficient grip for the average trail runner. However, the smaller lugs are also beneficial for weight reduction. The Questar Trail shoes come with a weight of just 11 ounces.


Adidas fans need no introduction for the Cloudfoam technology. It has already proven its real worth in so many running and casual shoes that it represents a staple in the industry. The cushioning is constant from heel to toe and it is completed by the Ortholite sockliner which comes with impressive antimicrobial action. It also works great at keeping moisture away from the feet. 


When it comes to the upper, it is one of the distinct design characteristics of the shoes. Made to fit various running conditions, the upper has the main role of maintaining good breathability levels. At the same time, it comes with a few small adjustments to make it distinct. One of these small design characteristics is given by the lateral sides of the forefoot, which are created to resist forefoot bending.

A few overlays are also added to the sides of the midfoot area. But Adidas also added a molded heel cup to the shoes to give them a more snug fit and to help the heel stay in place while running. As with many trail running shoes, the back area also features the back heel pull tab which is recommended for a good fit and which can be useful in the break-in period as well.

Size And Fit

The shoes are made true to size. However, a few runners might find them a bit clunky in the forefoot. Since there is a bit of space in this area, they can also feel a bit out of place for those with narrow feet. But most runners should have no issues in finding the best fit for the next outdoor adventure. The fit of the forefoot is important, especially on downhill running intervals, but the shoes are made to offer a more versatile approach which is also due to the fact they have been designed to be used on flat surfaces as well.

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