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New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v4

The New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v4 is one of the most respected designs of the moment. This is primarily due to the combination of a lightweight profile and the HypoSkin technology which allows it to be a distinct design. At 244 grams, it is also among the lightweight options from New Balance. The shoes are made to be fast and for this reason, the 6mm drop is used for a responsive design which is characteristic to the users who seek improved performance even with a mid-range design.

11 reasons to buy

  • Neutral cushioning is made to fit the needs of most runners
  • Distinct look with an upper which is easy to clean
  • Keeps your feet free from irritation for longer
  • Recommended for fast running and sprinting due to the lightweight profile at 244 grams
  • Engineered mesh upper with HypoSkin technology to offer a leading solution when it comes to breathability
  • HypoSkin is made to adapt to the shape and motions of the foot as well
  • Made with a lightweight rubber outsole for traction around the city and on the track
  • Designed with overlays over the midfoot and the heel area
  • Available in sizes from 7 to 16 and standard and wide widths
  • FresfFoam cushioning combining different types of foam for the ultimate experience
  • Hexagonal grooves on the outsole for flexibility from all angles

1 reasons why not to buy

  • Not as breathable as some of its alternatives


Made with a profile which favors multiple types of running needs, even for people looking for speed, the shoes come with a lightweight design which is perfect when it comes to improved responsiveness. There is little doubt that the shoes are also among the designs which are made for a natural stride as New Balance made considerable efforts to make them as lightweight as possible.

Major upgrades have been used for the upper. With improved materials and technologies, the upper represents one of the most interesting designs for functionality. Unfortunately, even with the perforations, the overlays can seriously limit the breathability of the shoes. The good news is that their versatility has a certain appeal for both men and women of different colors to consider.

If you are a runner looking to pick-up the pace and start running faster, the shoes can be one of the recommended options, especially if you come from other heavy New Balance shoes, to begin with.


The outsole favors traction and flexibility. It is made to be among the most interesting solutions when it comes to a better overall grip on different flat surfaces which are made for speed. This is why you are able to run with them on the tarmac, on the track or at higher speeds on the treadmill. With a profile which can also be closer to casual shoes, the outsole also favors wearing the shoes for walks as well.


With one of the thinnest midsoles form the manufacturer and a low drop profile with just 6mm, the shoes are truly made for speed. While they are not the fastest in their class, they represent a viable option for the mid-range runner. This class of shoes is recommended for runners of all skills. With good responsiveness based on different types of foam, the shoes can be considered for everyday running.


There are many new features on the upper. From the stretchy mesh materials which offer decent breathability to the thick overlays which secure the foot and which make the shoes one of the most durable options from the manufacturer. At the same time, the upper is among the solutions which are easy to clean as well, as the mesh materials only represent up to half of the total surface. With added padding on the heel collar, the shoes represent one of the most interesting solutions when it comes to better looks as well as New Balance added a large selection of colors, which is not the case with the entry-level designs.

Size And Fit

Considered to be one of the true to size designs from the manufacturer, you should not worry about fit too much. If you want to make the shoes fit properly though, you can choose one of the two standard and wide options for each size. These options are specifically made to fit narrow and wide feet which represent all the customization which can be made, expect the different colors.

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