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New Balance FuelCore Coast v4

As one of the lightest shoes from New Balance, the FuelCore Coast v4 is now lighter, faster and more comfortable. With a beautiful design, the shoes can also pass as casual solutions when you seek to have improved comfort while walking or standing. Made with a simple upper, the practical shoes represent one of the leading solutions when it comes to better overall comfort.

15 reasons to buy

  • Made with a distinctly modern look based on the synthetic mesh upper
  • Design to balance support and style in one of the most elegant options from the manufacturer
  • Made to be one of the lightest shoes from New Balance at just 204 grams or 7.2oz
  • Usability in performance running or training with an affordable price
  • Great look for casual outfits as they can be worn with jeans or shorts
  • 8mm heel to toe drop similarly to other new releases from the manufacturer
  • FuelCore technology combines two types of foam for comfort and speed
  • Performance-orientated Response 2.0 technology
  • Made with no sews in critical areas similar to other new releases from the brand
  • Synthetic upper with no overlays to maintain breathability levels
  • Designed with no traditional tongue for a sock-like feel
  • Made with a heel pull-tab which is recommended when quickly changing your shoes in the locker room
  • Made with symetrical lacing design for proper lockdown
  • Durable outsole with attention to the heel and the forefoot areas
  • Supportive midsole and outsole which allow the midfoot to land on the ground while running

2 reasons why not to buy

  • Not the most durable option
  • Can lack structure for some runners


There are many New Balance modern designs to choose from. But not all of them are around the 200 grams weight mark. This makes them viable options when looking for improved comfort, especially in the conditions in which the shoes are often the first training choice for many runners. As casual shoes, they are hard to match for comfort as well.

There are many upgrades worth considering with the shoes. But the midsole with its FuelCore technology and the upper with its mesh materials are among the most interesting to watch. It is why the shoes are worth the upgrade if you are looking for another affordable trainer. If you are looking to purchase your first running shoes, the fourth version of the FuelCore is one of the top picks as it introduces you both too lightweight shoes and to the sock-like feel of modern designs.


The lightweight outsole is specific to the profile of the shoes which is minimalistic. As one of the most interesting solutions in its class, the shoe represents a design which shines on the track and on the treadmill. They are not made for trail or slippery surfaces and this limits them to sprint and marathon training on flat surfaces. But with good traction, this is enough for most beginners and even for some experienced athletes.


With an 8mm drop, the shoes are among the recommended options if you plan to jog or sprint. They have the versatility for both situations. But their overall purpose is to offer a lightweight solution and this is why there are a limited number of technologies in the midsole. New Balance combined two types of foam for this outsole to offer a supportive feel and a performance purpose. This combination was included in the FuelCore technology which allows the shoes to maintain such a low weight.


The upper is similar to some of the premium designs on the market with its minimalistic design. The mesh materials are dominating the upper which is very simple with no overlays. Even the design with no traditional tongue is made to offer the sock-like feel which can be achieved with these uppers. Since the heel has the tendency to collapse with no counter, New Balance also added a heel pull tab for better practicality, especially when in a rush. But even with no traditional tongue, you can still use the symmetrical lacing for proper lockdown.

Size And Fit

Since there is plenty of stretchiness in the upper, the shoes are among the most interesting solutions when it comes to better overall comfort. While the comfort is improved for most people, it might not be enough for low arches, but then, their purpose is to meet the needs of most runners. Among other characteristics to consider, you also need to know that there are only two widths to choose from.

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