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New Balance 1260 v7

As one of the premium designs for stability and cushioning, the New Balance 1260 v7 represent one of the most interesting solutions when you want the best materials. The main strength of the shoe comes with the resistant outsole which is designed according to flexion areas in the forefoot. The outsole is also flat on the midfoot area to offer improved overall support for arches as well. With a mesh upper, the shoes are among the breathable options to consider. But they are still quite heavy by New Balance standards so they might be a solution when you need better shock absorption.

11 reasons to buy

  • Made for support and cushioning for overpronation
  • Delivered with a modern look
  • Designed with an 8mm heel to toe drop for quick responsiveness
  • Designed with an Air mesh upper for better heat control
  • Made with a dual density midsole which is recommended for those seeking improved cushioning for the entire surface of the foot
  • No-sew design and material application for added comfort and reduced irritations, especially for people with sensitive skin
  • Made with a synthetic TPU upper which is great at handling heat and managing moisture
  • Configured with extra padding on the ankle collar
  • The upper is also quick to dry which recommends the shoes even for running on rain
  • Made for stability performance for overpronators who want to use premium technologies
  • Assembled in the USA

1 reasons why not to buy

  • Heavy at 334 grams


With a special profile for overpronators, the shoes are among the most interesting options when it comes to improved overall comfort and support. Since they are supportive shoes, you might think that their performance is not at the top level. But they are able to tackle surfaces such as tarmac or tracks with good success, as they come with good traction and a durable outsole. While they maintain that classic look which is immediately distinguishable as New Balance’s, they are also brought to the modern runner’s needs.

The new upper design is worth mentioning with the upgrades. This is where it represents one of the recommended options when seeking a classic look with a modern adaptation. While it is not as modern as some other running shoe uppers, it is still going towards the direction of most shoes in this class. There are even 5 color options to consider which include the distinct Bolt with Energy Lime.


With a good outsole for traction, the shoes represent one of the most interesting solutions when it comes to proper durability. This is why you can feel free to run with the shoes multiple times per week on different surfaces. Since they come with midfoot ground contact, they are able to offer increased traction for different running styles. You can use the shoes with their outsole for indoor running as well or simply for training in the gym.


Since the midsole is made from foam, it is quite forgiving with shocks. It comes with an 8mm heel to toes drop and it represents one of the most interesting solutions when it comes to better comfort for the entire surface of the foot. While some people might feel the 8mm drop is not enough, it is situated at the mid-range level of cushioning which is designed for most people.


The upper of the shoes is among its main strengths. With the Air Mesh design, it is among the solutions to consider when it comes to breathability on a heavier shoe. This is a characteristic which New Balance handles very well. With a profile made for increased breathability, the overlays are absent from the midfoot and only present on the forefoot and on the heel area. The soft tongue is cushioned as well and it plays its role of distributing the pressure from the lacing onto the midfoot.

Size And Fit

As all modern New Balance shoes, they are available in different widths from narrow to wide. This makes them a versatile solution which can be used by people of different heights and of different ages as well, as their needs are somewhat different. The fit of the shoes is precise, especially around the ankle area which has been considerably cushioned for comfort. With a roomy toe box, the shoes are recommended for overpronators. In some cases, they can support the feet outside the perfectly flat surfaces of indoor gyms and this makes them versatile compared to other overpronation shoes.

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