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Mizuno Wave Inspire 15

All major areas of the shoe have been updated for the Mizuno Wave Inspire 15. The upper is new, the inside of the shoe is new and even the outsole sees a new approach. At a first look, the shoes seem like a worthy upgrade. Judging the number of technologies considered by Mizuno, the Wave Inspire are still true to the Mizuno Wave support, but more modern than ever before.

8 reasons to buy

  • Upgraded look and technologies from the previous release
  • Modern Jacquard upper mesh for enhanced breathability
  • Mizuno Wave plate for shock dissipation
  • U4ic with a 30% lighter midsole
  • U4icX midsole for higher rebound
  • X10 carbon rubber outsole technology for longer wear
  • SmoothRide technology to prevent rapid acceleration and deceleration
  • Pebax Rnew elastomer materials to reduce pollution

1 reasons why not to buy

  • Heavy and close to the 300g mark for the men’s version


There are many areas to discuss when it comes to the upgrades. Visible changes come in the upper where there are new materials. The midsole is also improved and now offers a combination of shock absorption materials which have three qualities. They are the lightweight, the bouncy feel, and the renewable materials. The outsole is also made to a high standard.

The Mizuno Wave Inspire 15 is among the running shoes recommended for proper shock management. This means less pressure is applied on the knees. At the same time, the running experience is improved itself. There are obvious efforts put in the direction of natural movements and they can only be seen when it comes to proper running technique.

But the Wave Inspire 15 cannot improve a poor running technique. However, the shoes can be a part of the process where a good technique is turned into a great running technique. With good reasons to believe the Wave Inspire 15 can be a cross-surface daily running choice, the shoe can be reliable for demanding runners. Even more, technologies such as the X10 allow runners to tackle surfaces with confidence, even on wet rainy days. If a runner can justify the price for them, the results are there as many technologies have already been proven by Mizuno.


The carbon rubber outsole is one of Mizuno’s secrets. With durability which is among the best in its class, the outsole can deal with a large number of weekly running sessions. It can be a daily choice for many runners. The shock absorption capacity of the shoes allows them to be considered every day. Furthermore, it is also important to note that the outsole can offer the right grip even indoors. So taking the shoes to the gym is not a problem.


There are many technologies and materials involved in the midsole design. But none of them are as important as the Wave plate technology. On some level, this plate is why many runners run to Mizuno in the first place. The Wave Inspire 15 is just the latest name in this category of products where proper control and enhanced shock absorption is possible.

Other technologies are also employed by Mizuno. They are responsible with a lower shoe weight and with a good bounce. Other advanced concepts are also applied to the midsole. For example, the SmoothRide technology aims to offer a smooth transition, which is needed when it comes to proper running performance. However, it only works great with the other technologies such as the Wave plate.


The new Jacquard mesh upper does a fantastic job at breathability and foot comfort. Following the shape of the foot, the Dynamotion Fit mimics the motion of the foot, for a more natural running experience. It is also true that this upper is also better at wrapping the foot. The upper might also not be too padded for most runners. Most padding is in the tongue and in the collar, just to offer enough comfort as not to add too much weight to the upper.

Size And Fit

Medium and wide versions are available for men’s and women’s Wave Inspire 15. Even so, there are a few instances where the right fit might need going half a size up or half a size down. With various midsole technologies, the fit needs to be precise to offer the best responsiveness.

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