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Asics Tartherzeal 6

The Tartherzeal 6 is one of Asics’ latest premium designs. It comes as the latest release of the speed series from the manufacturer. Incorporating technologies which enhance a springy feel and proper cushioning, the shoes are used across various surfaces for runs of various lengths. Among its main characteristics, the Propulsion Trusstic technology is worth having a look at. As its name suggests, it comes to boost propulsion. But there is more to these shoes than propulsion.

9 reasons to buy

  • Considerably better for neutral pronation runners
  • Engineered adaptive mesh upper
  • FlyteFoam cushioning with good bounce
  • Trusstic plate midsole offers toe-off help
  • DuoSole outsole with enhanced forefoot flexibility
  • AHAR rubber suitable for various running surfaces
  • Reflective inserts to improve visibility in low light conditions
  • Ecsaine overlays on the upper to enhance support
  • Very low weight suitable for performance runs

2 reasons why not to buy

  • Mainly to be considered for outdoor running
  • Too springy for some runners


With a more complex outsole, the shoes are now better suited for high performance. Even if they are marketed in the premium category, they are not exactly class-leading. However, Asics has done a great job with the flexibility and the traction. The springy response of the outsole also recommends the shoes in a wide range of areas. Running on the tarmac is no issue. Wet surfaces can also be easier to tackle. Running in the park on rainy days can be easier with the springy feel the shoes come with. These characteristics recommend the shoes for all types of runners.

The shoes are one of the Asics choices to consider for performance. With a profile orientated towards speed, they work wonders on various hard surfaces. With good cushioning combined with a springy feel, they can be considered even by the heavier runners who would struggle with midsole packing.

Given that the shoes are not the most affordable option due to the long list of technologies, they are mainly recommended for seasoned runners. Those who want to take their running skills to the next level can also find them useful.


Made with a complex design, the outsole is among the stars of the shoes. It comes with two main sections. The front forefoot section is dedicated for traction and flexibility. The heel section is characterized by the abrasion-resistant rubber.

The DuoSole outsole enhances flexibility. Even the layout of the forefoot’s outsole is an indicator that traction is taken seriously by Asics. This is also why the shoes might be too much in environment such as the gym. It is recommended to understand the characteristics which work best when it comes to the ultimate freedom of movement. On the road, the outsole works great. Since the rubber is slightly more resistant than what was used a few years ago, the shoes are also better suited for outdoor running.


The FlyteFoam technology comes with an impressive bounce. It is used constantly in new Asics releases. Understanding the technology means looking at its organic fibers. These fibers delay midsole flattening in time. It makes the shoes more durable without sacrificing the cushioning.

The Trusstic plate helps the experience as well. It mimics the tendons and muscles of the feet. The plate is responsible with a better push off. Given the shoes are made for neutral pronation, it really makes those looking for better alternatives happy. At the same time, the plate might be too much for hard indoor surfaces. Some cushioned treadmills might feel comfortable enough, however.


Designed with the Adapt mesh upper, the shoes have plenty of breathability. Running during the summertime can be an issue for so many athletes. Rising temperatures come with their own set of problems but the Tartherzeal 6 handle heat well. Of course, structural overlays are also used in the upper. They are needed to keep the close fit of the shoes, especially over time where the interwoven fibers weaken.

Size And Fit

Made true to size, the shoes fit very well. Runners looking for a proper fit can find their options easily from size 7 to size 13. However, it is also important to consider the type of pronation. The shoes are directly aimed at the neutral pronator and at the underpronator.  In this case, there is not too much which needs to be added for proper support.

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