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Asics Nimbus 21

The Asics Nimbus 21 running shoes have what it takes to go the distance. Suited for long distance running, the shoes feature some of the most popular Asics technologies. At the same time, they come with a lower weight making them the lightest midsole design from the manufacturer. With a new Jacquard mesh material, they come with better breathability. Most importantly, they fix some fit issues present in the previous version.

10 reasons to buy

  • Fixed fit issues over the previous release
  • Recommended Flytefoam Lyte nanofiber technology
  • Propel foam compresses and decompresses offering better comfort
  • Jacquard mesh upgrade for better flexibility
  • Better support with the included exoskeletal heel counter
  • 3mm cushioning added to the women’s version to reduce pressure on tendons
  • Higher rebound and better moisture control through the Ortholite X-40
  • Full contact lateral outsole improves stability
  • Recommended for neutral pronation and overpronation
  • Positively received in the running community with top performance on wet roads

2 reasons why not to buy

  • Some runners have complained about the price
  • Not as distinct as the new Asics Metarun


With new mesh materials and with a roomier feel, the Asics Nimbus 21 can be a top choice for running on different dry and wet surfaces. Packed with technologies recommended for long runs, they are designed to absorb as many shocks as possible.

Those who are fans of the Nimbus series can also make the upgrade, especially if their previous version was a bit tight. Asics also aims to attract more runners who want an upgrade from their regular running shoes. Being more affordable than the Metarun, the Nimbus 21 aim to offer plenty of reasons both to fans of the series and for those looking to spend a bit more to get more.

The Asics Nimbus 21 shoes are as packed with features as expected. Announced just before Christmas, they can certainly be a good gift for dedicated runners. Most runners can appreciate the emphasis on comfort. From this perspective, they are hard to match. There is an energetic and cushioned feel about the shoes. So those on the fence with the purchase should ask themselves if the Flytefoam Propel and Lyte technologies are truly what they need to get their running skills to the next level.


Featuring a High Abrasion Rubber material, the outsole of the shoes is guaranteed on various surfaces. It is actually one of the first major pluses runners notice about the shoes. With a good performance on dry surfaces and surprising stability on wet surfaces, the outsole stands up to its promise. But it is not all rubber traction as it is smartly designed as well.

With vertical and horizontal flex grooves decouple, the outsole is designed to follow the gait of the foot. In the real world, it comes with good flexibility. But placing this type of rubber in critical areas of the outsole is not new to Asics. There are a number of situations where runners have enjoyed it before.


Organic super fibers are back. They are still used in Flytefoam technology. They also act to improve the bounce of the shoes. But are they really worth the extra price? Unlike regular foam cushioning, adding fibers allowed Asics to control compression and decompression. Such issues are seen in some foam alternative and they can be a problem on long runs.

The midsole also comes with a popular 10mm gradient. Leaning the body mass and the center of gravity of the body forwards allows the feet to get more relaxed. Of course, this relaxed state is further enhanced by the popular Gel technology Asics has offered its fans. Placed in the forefoot and in the rearfoot, it covers crucial shock absorption needs.


Featuring a flexible and reflective upper Jacquard mesh, the shoes are up to date with breathability. Of course, the main purpose is to have good air flow and lower shoe weight. But there has been an exception in the form of an external heel counter. The supportive nature of the heel counter is recommended for a good fit.

Size And Fit

One of the pressing issues Asics needed to deal with came with size and fit. Not all shoe manufacturers would have admitted mixed feelings about the fit of their shoes. But Asics made the forefoot roomier. Of course, the somewhat flexible Jacquard mesh helps as well. But even with a lightweight profile, the shoes still offer plenty of freedom when it comes to support.

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