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Asics GT 2000 7

SPEVA foam and a wider toe box are the main drivers of the new Asics GT 2000 7. Made to support excessive inward rolling of the foot, they are designed for those who are looking to run various distances. Asics is also very proud of its Dynamic Duomax technology. Its name has been printed on the side of the shoes. Most importantly, the technology is recommended for supportive cushioning. There is an engineered mesh upper as well. It is among the materials to consider for plenty of support and flexibility.

10 reasons to buy

  • Full-length SPEVA foam cushioning
  • Designed with a Dynamic Duoamax midsole cushioning technology
  • Made with the leading Flytefoam Lyte technology
  • Manages moisture well with the Ortholite sockliner
  • Dominated by the rearfoot and forefoot Gel cushioning
  • AHAR outsole for durability
  • Outsole featuring grooves for plenty of flexibility
  • Spectacular for runners with overpronation
  • Additional gait guiding technologies for natural toe-off
  • Available in 5 colors

2 reasons why not to buy

  • Not best for neutral pronators
  • Not the most affordable support shoe


One of the drawbacks of packing different technologies on the shoes comes with weight. This is where the GT 2000 7 showed that it actually increased its weight over the previous release. It is why runners have to assess if the upgrade to a new upper with more room and an Ortholite sockliner are enough to justify an upgrade. New runners to the series are among those who might not even notice the extra weight.

The GT 2000 7 shoes represent one of the leading options when it comes to better freedom of movement. While they are roomy, most runners feel comfortable in the new release. However, those who have a narrow fit might find them a bit loose, especially in the forefoot area. Going half a size down might be required. Then there is the issue of support. Their main approach was to give a helping hand to overpronators. So underpronators might not be satisfied with the way they stand in the shoes. But given their versatility, the shoes can be a good option on any type of runs for overpronators.


Featuring High Abrasion Rubber, the outsole of the Asics GT 2000 7 represents an interesting choice. The material is seen across a range of new Asics releases. It comes with plenty of durability on various surfaces. At the same time, the material offers responsive cushioning. Unlike many other designs in its class, it also comes with grooves for better flexibility. A couple of technologies have also been employed by Asics here. With Guidance Line and Impact Guidance system, the outsole is made to reflect the natural gait of the foot. In other words, the manufacturer focused on delivering a design which does not considerably impact the biomechanics of the feet.


Asics also work hard on the midsole of the shoes. With technologies such as Flytefoam Lyte and SPEVA foam, the midsole is lightweight. It might not be the most responsive from Asics, but it provides a decent comfort whether the run is a couple of miles or even if it reaches 26 miles.

Apart from the typical branding, Asics has also printed the midsole technology name on the shoes. But their comfort would not be complete without Gel technology. It runs in the forefoot and in the heel areas to offer enhanced support and responsiveness. The signature Asics gel is one of the main reasons to consider the running shoes, regardless of the release.


The engineered mesh upper comes with a few overlays in the forefoot and on the midfoot areas. The tongue is padded for an acceptable comfort level. So while the shoes are made for support with overpronation, they also look appealing. Asics has made them very similar to their trail alternative as well.

Size And Fit

The fit of the shoes is improved. Adjusted for the needs of overpronators with new methods of measuring feet, Asics is lauded for what it delivers with the GT 2000 7. There is also a sense that the shoes fit very well, even for those who overpronate. There are other areas where the shoes might even feel different. But the SPEVA cushioning is already proved for a good fit.

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