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Saucony Kinvara 10

The Saucony Kinvara 10 offers an energetic ride. The series have always been pushing technologies and materials further and maybe this is why the 10th release is so similar to the Kinvara. However, there are a few upgrades and adjustments which might make some runners consider the shoes. With the Everun technology in the midsole, there is plenty of energy and shock absorption to consider for all types of runs.

8 reasons to buy

  • Part of a proven Kinvara series
  • Small changes added to the already successful 9th release
  • Flexfilm thin upper with reduced weight
  • Everun top midsole layer for improved energy return
  • EVA+ midsole technology for proven shock absorption
  • Internal heel support with two pads on each side of the heel
  • Recommended for most neutral pronators
  • Best performance on road and track

1 reasons why not to buy

  • No waterproof materials


The fewer layers of the upper are a good place to start when it comes to the upgrades seen in the Kinvara. Even more, the shoes are lighter but they are made to fit better. Among the characteristics which are most appreciated by dedicated runners comes the Everun technology. Its aim is to improve the lively feel of the shoes as well as their responsiveness. Cushioning is one of the main reasons to consider an upgrade form the 9th Kinvara.

Of course, a 10th release is also a special release for many brands. Saucony is rewarding its fans with the original colors of the Kinvara series in a limited edition. There is a special box which is used in shipping as well. Fans of the series are certainly going to find the special release tempting, especially as it is also fairly priced.

Saucony Kinvara 10 can be a marginal upgrade over the previous release. However, the 10th release goes back to its roots in style and the shoes are certainly going to mean more than simply a list of features for many Saucony fans. Those who have never run in Saucony shoes before also have the opportunity to use an iconic design at an affordable price. The simple use of Everun and Eva+ midsole technologies can be enough to trigger passionate runners. While there are other reasons to consider the release, critics can also point out that the shoes might just be too close to the previous version for a number of runners.


The outsole is as robust as runner expect. But Saucony also added friction pads in key areas to improve traction and to add a bit more wear. These friction pads are located on the heel and on the internal side of the toe in the forefoot. These areas can get a lot of wear and the added pads ensure that the areas can last longer, at least as long as the rest of the outsole surface. With interesting flex grooves, the shoes have what it takes for natural motion, which is the declared purpose of the Kinvara 10 as well.


Maybe the most interesting side of the shoes is the midsole. There are a few technologies Saucony relied upon for the midsole. Everun and Eva+ have been combined. It goes without saying that these technologies add bounce and improve shock absorption.

There is a 4mm offset on the shoes. This small offset is enough to promote a more natural ride. Even more, the offset is also known for its reduced pressure on the midsole. It focuses on the biomechanics of the foot instead.


From a distance, the Kinvara 10 shoes don’t look too different to the Kinvara 9. But the upper comes with 3D overlays which make it an even better choice for those who are fans of a tight fit. Of course, the running shoes also come with the Flexfilm approach which allows the mesh materials to be thinner. Lower weight and a more natural stride are the results of the upgrade.

Size And Fit

The shoes have been designed with plenty of attention on fit. There are various elements such as the improved upper which make this obvious. However, the heel pads also play an important role in this. With a better fit and reduced in-shoe slips, the Kinvara 10 can be a top choice for runners who are tired of loose shoes.

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