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Asics DynaFlyte 3

Made for daily running, the Asics DynaFlyte 3 can be used for marathons as well. With a new and daring design, the shoes are true to the series offering a distinct Asics look. Apart from the youthful look, the running shoes also come with proven cushioning technologies. With FlyteFoam and gel insertions, the shoes are perfect for flat surfaces such as the track or uneven surfaces as in parks or light trails.

9 reasons to buy

  • Redesigned Adapt Mesh 2.0 mesh upper
  • Distinct attractive design
  • Stable for neutral running pronation
  • Rearfoot gel cushioning for shock absorption
  • Flytefoam Lyte with reinforced fibers for better bounce
  • Adapt mesh upper recommended for an unrestricted fit
  • Aiscs’ own flex grooves for enhanced gait
  • Ortholite X-40 sockliner for better moisture control
  • AHAR rubber outsole recommended for dry and wet surfaces

1 reasons why not to buy

  • Bulky feel for some runners


The Adapt mesh upper is worth considering for those who are really into the technical side. With better responsiveness, this material stands out even at this price range. FlyteFoam Lyte has also been added to the shoes. A full length cushioning platform which performs well was expected by the fans of the series.

The Asics DynaFlyte 3 are among the leading options when it comes to proper top performance combined with a distinct look. However, some variables need attention before making a purchase. 
Since the shoes are quite snug, overpronators immediately feel uncomfortable in them. This is why neutral and underpronators are the only ones making the most out of the design. Even more, it is also important to consider that the FlyteFoam cushioning is improved, but without the Trusstic place, they might not come with the same springy feel as other Asics running shoes. 

A final aspect to consider comes with the outsole. Its high abrasion-resistant rubber might tempt some runners to take them out on trails. The shoes might not perform as expected on those surfaces. Staying on the road is recommended for the ultimate performance.


Made with Asics High Abrasion Rubber, the AHAR outsole is very durable. It makes the shoes reliable for daily training and hundreds of miles of top performance. With progression and vertical flex grooves, the shoes are highly recommended for enhanced efficiency. Furthermore, they can be among the considered solutions for runs out in nature. Of course, they are not made for heavy trails, but the outsole is resistant for any type of wet or dry surface. With blown rubber in key areas, they are as durable as some of the most expensive Asics alternatives.


The midsole of the shoes is at least as good as the outsole. It comes with the Impact Guidance System which is a technology to guide the foot to its natural toe-off. It is also why the shoes feel so comfortable and while runners can actually concentrate on running instead of the shoes. 
The Flytefoam technology comes with proper bounce, which is seen in other shoes such as the Asics Nimbus 21. It is this bounce that makes the shoes more responsive on certain hard surfaces. Of course, higher rebound is also based on the X-40 sockliner. This sockliner is used by other manufacturers due to its moisture management capacity.


One of the most striking aspects of the shoes comes with the upper. In a way, it doesn’t even look like an Asics upper. While it does come in various colors, the vivid options have been received with mixed feelings by a few runners. However, there are options for all tastes.
Apart from the look, the upper is also distinct when it comes to the Adapt mesh materials. It is recommended for a responsive feel. However, such responsiveness levels might not be required for amateur or occasional runners.

Size And Fit

The shoes are true to size and they fit most runners very well. Underpronators and neutral pronators find them especially desirable. While they can look similar to stability shoes, they can be used for practically any type of running. Even those with wide feet can find the shoes comfortable and stable. The gel insertions do not affect the stability of the shoes and with a good fit, they can feel sock-like to many runners.

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