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Adidas Aerobounce ST 2

The Adidas Aerobounce ST 2 shoes are now improved for long-distance running. With a wider profile and Bounce cushioning, the shoes are supportive. This is why they can be counted on for all types of long runs. Considering the midsole thickness, the arch support is made for stability. Overpronators can find the design comfortable on hard surfaces.

9 reasons to buy

  • A worthy upgrade with a wider outsole
  • Improved stability on the road
  • Made with extra cushioning for long distance runs
  • Bounce Adidas-specific cushioning
  • The blown rubber outsole provides traction and durability
  • Designed with flex grooves for better flexibility
  • Breathable mesh upper for added ventilation
  • Improved upper structural support with the help of synthetic overlays
  • Padded tongue collar for added comfort with a tighter fit

2 reasons why not to buy

  • Runners with wide feet need to go one size up
  • Less appealing design compared to the Solar Glide


There is a wider profile to the shoes. For many runners, this might not be specifically better or even worse compared to the previous version. However, given their overall versatile profile, the shoes can be aimed at the daily runner who encounters various surfaces running through the city. So it can be said that the shoes are now more versatile, offering a better return on investment.

With pro-moderator support, the midsole of the shoes has better support. With a wider profile, the outsole of the shoes offers better stability. It seems that the shoes can be a worthy upgrade as well as an affordable first purchase for long-distance running. Those who don’t want to spend too much on sporty shoes can also consider them. The rubber outsole is great in the gym or with indoor training as well.

The Adidas Aerobounce ST 2 might not be the best-looking shoes the German manufacturer has made. But they offer a type of versatility which appeals to many types of runners. Putting the shoes on and going for a run around the block, in the park or around the city is uncomplicated. With a simple design with plenty of focus on cushioning and arch support, new runners will not feel as if they have to sacrifice the pleasure of running when running more than a few miles. 


Featuring thick blown rubber, the outsole seems to be among the best in its class. Designed with flex grooves, it provides one of the best platforms for flexibility. This might not be the first feature to consider for long-distance runs, but given the versatility of the shoes, it is a good addition. Furthermore, the wider profile of the outsole also recommends the shoes for improved stability. There is also a clear difference when it comes to the outsole profile. The Aerobounce ST 2 is clearly made to tackle roads, even if they can be used, on occasion, in the gym as well.


The biggest attraction of the midsole comes with the Bounce technology. This is basically a type of full-length foam. Its role is undebatable and it provides the comfortable feeling the feet need during long-distance running. While the shoes have a versatile side as well, the Bounce tech is worth considering especially for longer runs. Of course, even with this level of comfort, they are not aimed at race day performance. Being made on the affordable side, they can be a good training option across multiple outdoor surfaces. 


The upper of the shoes is not spectacular, especially compared to what the Solar Glide offers. But for most runners, it does a good job. It provides breathability without sacrificing support. Using mesh and synthetic overlays, the upper is among the well-built features in this affordable range. There is thick cushioning in the collar and in the tongue. However, some runners found the lacing to be too thin. 

Size And Fit

Adidas claims the shoes are true to size. However, there are a few examples where this is simply not the case. Even with a wider outsole, the running shoes can still feel tight on occasion. In this case, going a full size up can be a better alternative for the much-needed long-distance comfort. But with a supportive profile, the shoes are recommended for those who need extra arch support. Overpronators can find them useful over longer distances. 
But maybe one of the signature elements of the fit comes with the perfect bounce. Based on the full-length midsole foam, this springy sensation is what determines many runners to see the shoes as a daily choice. 

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