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361 Degrees Spire 3

361 Degrees’ Spire 3 comes with interesting improvements. The shoes have a new midsole and they also come with a snugger fit. Sometimes, runners are reluctant to move away from the likes of Adidas, Nike or Asics. However, there are a few brands which capture new energies and new ways of thinking in the running community. The third Spire is not revolutionary, but it might just be the best release in the series up to this moment. But are these 295g shoes really enough to take runners away from the shiny options from the market leaders?

7 reasons to buy

  • Redesigned upper recommended for a snug fit
  • Better shock absorption capacity compared to the Spire 2
  • Midfoot held comfortable snug and in position for neutral runners
  • Added heel counter to improve fit and stability
  • Complex outsole which combines blown rubber with carbon rubber
  • QUI!K Spine carbon fiber plate added in the midfoot
  • Available in all sizes from 7 to 14

1 reasons why not to buy

  • Heavy for a number of runners


With a different outsole, new upper, and improved cushioning, the shoes are a worthy upgrade. The carbon fiber plate is worth having a look at for those running on uneven surfaces. Furthermore, runners can also make the most of their options with the Eva rebound. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the shoes can be taken on trails. But there is plenty of good support to consider when compared to other releases.

So can the 361 Degrees Spire 3 hold up to the competition? The shoes are clearly not made for the rookie runner. There are more affordable options in that class. With a higher weight, they might not even be the number one choice for many daily runners. However, there are a number of runners who would consider the shoes. These runners are those who are actually looking for a versatile shoe for various types of daily runs. With a modern upper, they are also comfortable to fit most types of runs and they are a clear indication of the improvements the brand has made to the series.


Made with two types of rubber, the outsole is durable and it needs to stand out to the competition really well. This is where 361 Degrees placed a lot of attention. With added flex grooves, blown rubber, and carbon rubber, the outsole is really recommended for outdoor running. Even more, the outsole has the type of versatility which is recommended for gym use as well. The rubber is non-marking so the shoes can be placed in the gym bag whenever runners need to work the muscles with weights.


There is an improved midsole as well. With Rebound Eva materials, there is a good bounce to the shoes. Runners can feel they are springy. This comes in handy over longer runs. The right bounce is always appreciated when running on roads. However, there is more to the midsole. QU!K Spine has been added for better shock absorption. The carbon fiber plate is somewhat reminiscent of what Mizuno offers, but surprisingly, it works very well as it blends with the responsive foam. 


With engineered mesh, the upper of the shoes is what comes as one of the most interesting choices for breathability. There are plenty of options to consider for the upper with the new release but the mesh performance is perfect for heat and moisture management. 
However, 361 Degrees is very proud of the Fitz-Rite midfoot. The soft and supportive midfoot material is supposed to bring the shoes to a comparable level to its competition. So what is the result? Most runners feel the shoes are actually comfortable for everyday runs and for the occasional long run as well. 

Size And Fit

Made to fit true to size, the shoes are perfect for normal width feet. With neutral pronation, there is enough support and a comfortable feel to take the shoes to the next level. Furthermore, it is also important to consider the options at hand when it comes to better functionality in the future. In terms of how the shoes feel, fans hope to see a lower weight with the 4th release of the Spire series. It remains to be seen if this can become reality. 

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