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Asics Gel Pursue 5

With improved midfoot support, the Asics Gel Pursue 5 offer a familiar feel to runners. Both those who have already used the Gel Pursue series and other Asics fans can find the comfort of the shoes familiar. This is due to the fact that they have been made with technologies such as the SPEVA foam with FlyteFoam Lyte. At the same time, the improved support of the midfoot and added space for the big toe comes with a good degree of stability and roominess.

8 reasons to buy

  • Made with a low weight at 290g
  • Signature forefoot and rearfoot gel insertions
  • FlytefoamLyte and SPEVA foam cushioning 
  • Recommended for all types of runs
  • Stability-enhanced through TPU Trusstic
  • Upgraded upper with Jacquard mesh
  • Abrasion-resistant outsole
  • Recommended for a neutral arch support

2 reasons why not to buy

  • Not the best for speed performance
  • Limited flexion of the midsole


One of the major visible improvements of the shoes comes with the engineered upper. The mesh materials are flexible yet supportive and similar to what can be seen in premium designs. However, not all runners find the upgrade to be enough for an upgrade.  
There is an inherent feeling that regardless of the added features, runner still goes to the Gel Pursue Series for the gel cushioning and for the proper neutral pronation support. A few other features might change over time, but the 5h version of the Gel Pursue is here to prove that not much is needed for the shoes to offer proper support on various running surfaces.

Some runners might consider the Asics Gel Pursue 5 for running long distances. Others might use the shoes for the regular jog around the block. However, it’s clear that the shoes can handle all types of running needs. The sole question remaining is regarding the price. 
They can be out of reach for some runners. Other might even consider saving a bit more and going for the Gel Kayano 25 instead. With a better upper and a better Ortholite, the later shoe can be a better option. However, the Gel Pursue 5 is the most responsive design in the series. This gives it a versatility which certainly offers the ultimate running freedom.


Featuring the AHAR and AHAR+ technologies, the outsole is capable and fairly durable. Most rubber has been applied in key areas. Even so, Asics has added flex grooves in a classic design to allow for a natural gait. Of course, the versatility of the outsole recommends the shoes on various surfaces. From a few runs around the track to Sunday jogs in the park or too long distance goals, they seem to work well. 


Made for the neutral pronator, the Gel Pursue 5 are here to offer a generally accepted option for most runners. Without adding too much support or taking away too much support, the midsole is recommended for a comfortable experience. With foam cushioning, the midsole is similar to what is seen on the GT 2000 7. 
But many dedicated runners are interested in the support of the midsole. This is where Asics did a good job at preventing the inward roll of the foot. With the popular Ortholite sockliner, the support is needed, especially on some uneven surfaces where shock absorption capacity is seen clearly. 


An engineered mesh is the norm with new Asics releases. The material is popular and proven. Apart from the mesh, there is plenty of padding in the tongue and in the collar to allow good comfort with movement in any direction. With the AHAR heel plug, the upper becomes quite snug. Even if there is more room for the big toe theoretically, the shoes are leading when it comes to a tight fit. However, this can be a disadvantage for those with narrow fit.

Size And Fit

The problem with the forefoot room has been fixed in the latest Gel Pursue release. So apart from the cushioning and shock-absorbing Gel insertions, the shoes come with a better fit. With more room for the toes to spread out, the shoes are easily versatile. One day they might be the choice for a run around the block and the other day they can be chosen for a quick treadmill session. 

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