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It was always going to be interesting to see Saucony use knit uppers and the Freedom ISO 2 is has this task. Featuring the Isoknit design, the shoes are made with one of the most distinct aspects in their class. The performance which is achievable while running recommends them as ground-breaking for Saucony fans used to multiple types of mesh uppers. But the upper is not the only top feature of the shoes as the midsole and outsole are at least at the same level as well.

11 reasons to buy

  • New design from Saucony recommended for dedicated runners

  • Made using the Isoknit upper for impressive breathability and durability with no creases

  • Considerable cushioning from the Everun midsole

  • Designed with a support frame for the heel which is recommended for better stability as well

  • Made with the Tri-Flex Crystal Rubber outsole combining traction and flexibility

  • Lightweight for a knit design at 258 grams

  • Sock-like fit upper with a heel counter for improved comfort and stability

  • Strong lacing offer a caged feel lockdown for the midfoot

  • Roomy forefoot for added comfort on long runs

  • Narrow overall profile to favor speed

  • Available in multiple vivid colors

2 reasons why not to buy

  • Designed with medium width only

  • Not the fastest to dry


84.5 / 2 ratings

August, 06.2018 86 / 100 by: Lucas Rodriguez

Made with one of the best foam cushioning designs in its class, the shoes are really made for durability. Even after two months of intense running, the shoes are still bouncy and the foam is not compacted. With a flexible upper, the shoes are not the most supportive of the midfoot. It is an area I would like to see improvements in future releases. But with a breathable construction, the shoes feel great and they represent a solution for everyday running. However, if you are a midfoot runner, you might feel that slight lack of support when running at higher speeds.

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July, 18.2018 83 / 100 by: Luke Olson

The shoes offer a great fit. They are true to size which means that you will not have to go back and forth between half sizes. At the same time, they feel quite durable which recommends them for all types of running surfaces, even abrasive asphalt. They are responsive and they offer a versatile bounce on all types of surfaces. But the distinct foam of the shoes might make them slightly heavier than first expected and when you pass that 10-mile mark, you will start to feel this impacting the natural movements of your feet.

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Features & Specs

Weight: Light
9.1 oz 258 g
25.42% of shoes are lighter
Very light Very heavy
Weight: Light
8.2 oz 232 g
30.77% of shoes are lighter
Very light Very heavy
Heel to toe drop: 0
4 mm
46.3% of shoes have less drop
Zero Very high
Heel to toe drop: Low
4 mm
47.92% of shoes have less drop
Zero Very high
Heel height: Very Low
22 mm
10.64% of shoes are lower at the heel
Very low Very high
Heel height: Very Low
22 mm
14.29% of shoes are lower at the heel
Very low Very high
Forefoot height: Very Low
18 mm
38.3% of shoes are lower in the forefoot
Very low Very high
Forefoot height: Very Low
18 mm
42.86% of shoes are lower in the forefoot
Very low Very high


As a first attempt at a knit upper, the Freedom ISO 2 represent one of the most interesting options for many runners. Made with a profile which favors fast running and proper durability, the shoes are among the most interesting solutions when it comes to better comfort and faster runs. With distinct color combinations such as Blue Citron, the shoes are also made to look apparat which can make them a tempting option for the fans of sports shoes used as casual shoes as well.


The upgrades to the midsole and outsole are visible, but the most interesting changes come with the upper. The Isoknit design of the upper is all new and it represents a good starting point for people who want to see improved results, especially with the sock-like fit which might have been lacking in some previous shoes from the manufacturer. With a modern design, Saucony is also stepping into the segment of casual wear as well as the shoes have a high appeal among regular shoe options.


The outsole is one of the engineered parts which are made for the ultimate performance. You would expect a premium outsole to perform good, but the Freedom’s ISO 2 outsole is made with the Tri-Flex Crystal design. Made to offer proper flexibility, the outsole has a good grip as well. Inspired by the trail running outsoles, it offers an improved grip from different angles.


When you are using premium running shoes, comfort is important as you push your limits. This is why the good news is that the shoes come with the Everun cushioning. Running across the entire surface of the footbed, the cushioning is among the considerable upgrades which are made for the ultimate energy return, even after a few hundred miles. It also remains to be seen if Saucony will use the same technology on the designs which are not made for normal pronation.


With a distinct design, the Freedom ISO 2 is one of Saucony’s most attractive products. It is made in different colors and combinations of colors for both men and women. But most importantly, the new knit upper offers an insight into what fans can expect from the international manufacturer in the future. With good responsiveness and added durability due to the no-crease performance, the upper is recommended even for the skilled runner in terms of fit.

Even the overlays are kept to a minimum. But the added heel counter can also prove to be a major plus for many runners in the conditions in which the knit upper is quite soft by itself. There is also a small overlay on the forefoot area which also features added perforations for improved breathability.

Size And Fit

Available in all sizes, the shoes are true to size. However, the width is standard and there are no specialized options for narrow or wide feet. This is why you need to consider the investment in the shoes in the condition in which they are made for a close fit. They are also not made for low arches or specific problems with the Achille’s tendons either.