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ON Cloudflyer

As a comfortable shoe for flat running surfaces, the On Cloudflyer is one of the most interesting solutions when it comes to better long-distance performance. Made with an interesting design when it comes to its larger outsole elements, the shoes are recommended for reduced joint impact as well. This is why the Cloudflyer can be a good design if you are experiencing knee problems. With a design recommended for beginners with the support of the speedplate, the shoes are among the solutions to consider if you want to move away from traditional cushioning and bounciness.

12 reasons to buy

  • Made with a futuristic design recommended for runners who want to break the mold of traditional shoes
  • Designed with a low collar for added versatility and freedom of movement
  • Available in multiple colors for both men and women
  • Designed with an outsole with large elements to offer superior cushioning
  • Recommended for those seeking to reduce the inward rotation of the foot
  • Made with the popular dual density sockliner for added comfort
  • Designed with special attention to the heel with the introduction of the heel cap and memory foam cushioning for better long-distance performance
  • Made with a star lacing system
  • 7mm offset for added responsiveness
  • Lightweight at 255 grams
  • Improved stability for runners of all ages
  • Added cushioning around the ankle area

2 reasons why not to buy

  • Not the most affordable beginner shoes
  • Limited breathability beyond the forefoot


With a design which is orientated towards cushioning, stability and long-distance impact reduction, the shoes are able to offer a great solution when it comes to the needs of most beginners and mid-range runners. They might lack some features to put them in the premium segment such as a lighter profile and a stretchy upper, but the shoes still offer a tempting design for most people.

Upgrades in On shoes are frequent. Each new design comes with an improved performance and comfort level. Among the features worth noting is the adaptation of the original CloudTec design. With a better integration of this technology while maintaining the same weight, the shoes offer a distinct solution to those seeking one of the simples solutions from On shoes.


The outsole features the interesting large elements which have made On famous. These elements are recommended when you seek to improve shock absorption and for most parts, it represents a solution which can be used on different types of running surfaces. Even more, the shoes are among the leading options when it comes to grip as they outsole is capable to stick to any type of surface.


However, the overall comfortable feel is quickly balanced by the bounciness of the shoes. This extra bounciness comes from the added speedplate. It is this design which allows beginners to have a more engaging and fun experience while running. But the speedplate design also proves useful when you are recovering from injuries. This is why you will be able to have an improved experience if you are seeking to limit the impact on your joints.


With an upper which is made for added practicality, it is hard to see how it can be improved. But its narrow profile which is far from the bulky alternatives which are often associated with versatile running shoes makes the upper and attractive solution for the younger runner.

The upper also features the distinct star lacing. While it is not necessarily better than symmetric lacing, it is still one of the innovation areas of On shoes.

As fans of the manufacturer already expect, there is considerable attention to attributed to the heel; area. With an added heel cup and with the support of memory foam, your heels will feel as comfortable as they can be. The best part is that the introduction of the memory foam does not interfere with stability. This can be partly attributed to the added speedplate.

Size And Fit

Made for runners with a regular fit, the shoes are easy to fit. Since they are made true to size, they should also be able to offer prime support for each type of arch. But they are only available in medium widths and for this price, this characteristic can play the role of a deterrent as there are better options for good fit. Even the solutions which are considerably more affordable can fit those with wide feet better. But if you don’t have this issue yourself and if you are seeking to get into On shoes, the Cloudflyer represents a good place to start.

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