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Inov-8 Roclite 315

Featuring sticky rubber on the outsole and a weight of 315 grams, the Inov-8 Roclite 315 is a top choice for trail running. The shoes are among the heavier options from Inov-8 but they stay maintain that unique profile which makes the brand. Most importantly, the shoes offer one of the best solutions when it comes to improved freedom of movement combined with proper protection. For this purpose, the design was adapted to keep debris out which makes the shoes a recommended solution out on the trails.

9 reasons to buy

  • A unique Inov-8 design which has a strong appeal in a category where many shoes look the same
  • Sticky rubber compounds for responsive traction
  • Outsole combines three types of rubber
  • Powerflow midsole proven in other trail options from Inov-8
  • Protective design against debris
  • External cage design for midfoot stability
  • Adaptable fit recommended for mild overpronation
  • Strong lacing system allows a custom fit
  • Durable when compared to the alternatives

1 reasons why not to buy

  • Stiff upper reduces the joy of running


The shoe might not be a major upgrade in the line of the manufacturer. But they may offer something the other shoes don’t, which is a more robust upper which seems to handle anything which is thrown at it. For this reason, the shoes can be a great first pair of trail running shoes. At the same time, they can be the only pair of trail running shoes to own, which can’t be said about all designs from Inov-8. With a bold design and a bold feel, the shoes are made for good traction and one of the best-in-class performances for durability.


It goes without saying that the rugged outsole of the shoes recommends them for all types of trails. Furthermore, the manufacturer has used three types of rubber to offer a sticky solution which is recommended for reliable traction. Of course, all outsole from Inov-8 trail running shoes are great for grip, but the Roclite 315 is not made to a lesser standard.
The running shoes are among the most recommended options for an outsole which is clear of debris. When it comes to the layout of the outsole, the hardest rubber has been used on the heel. It is here that most of the weight can be centered with trail running. Medium rubber has been used in the center of the outsole. It has been designed like this for traction with flexibility. Soft rubber has been used on the edges of the outsole to provide some type of grip regardless of the stride position.


The Powerflow midsole has been used in the Roclite 315 as well, similarly to the Roclite 290. In return, this technology offers a slightly bouncy feel and one of the most well-balanced cushioning designs on trail running shoes. There are plenty of reasons to consider different materials as well, but the nature of the upper has already reduced some of the flexibility of the shoes and the Powerflow tech is enough for most runners.


The upper of the shoes comes with an attractive design. It is as modern as the leading options on the market but it lacks an important characteristic, flexibility. The shoes are not the stiffest in the class, but they are much less flexible than even some of the lighter designs from Inov-8. However, in some situations, this might not be as big of an issue. For runners who prefer a bulkier style with robust shoes which go through different obstacles rather than having the lightest and quickest design, the Roclite 315 upper can be more than enough.
On the other hand, it is not all bad news with the upper. For example, it has a practical tongue design which prevents debris from entering the shoes. Furthermore, the robust construction of the upper ensures runners can tackle all types of terrains. The added protection on the toe box can also keep the shoes in good condition and also minimize shocks when runners hit rocks, branches or other obstacles.

Size And Fit

With a considerable size, the shoes are recommended for most fit. If compared with some of the lighter solutions from Inov-8, they would also seem roomy. But this is not the case. Made true to size, the fit most runners well. Even more, they have some room for comfort even if the upper is not particularly stretchy. The Inov-8 lacing is also known to offer one of the best solutions for a tight fit and this remains the case with the Roclite 315 as well.

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