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Dynafit Alpine Pro

The Dynafit Alpine Pro is one of the most up to date trail running designs. The shoes feature a modern upper which uses a combination of materials to offer comfort, durability and water protection. With a midsole which combines foam cushioning with shock dispersion plates, they manage to offer a complete solution even for the dedicated runner. Furthermore, the quick lacing system allows runners to adjust and readjust the shoes as often as needed, even during race day with no time lost on fit adjustments.

7 reasons to buy

  • Modern design recommended for long-term use
  • Included shock dispersion rock plate
  • Cushioned EVA foam comfort
  • Quick lacing system
  • Reliable grip with multi-directional lugs
  • Vibram-guaranteed outsole
  • Lacing cover practicality

2 reasons why not to buy

  • Not the most affordable solution for beginners
  • Not entirely in-house designs


The shoes can be seen as a more complex version of the Dynafit Trailbreaker. They represent an up to date solution which integrates the best technologies from Dynafit with an impressive Vibram outsole. The fact they manage to offer a wide variety of features doesn’t mean they are too complex and unlike many other trail running shoes, they actually work well even in this combination of multiple materials. Of course, they might not be on the list of new trail runners, but seasoned athletes can find reliability in the design. Furthermore, the shoes come in a distinct selection of colors recommended for both men and women.


The outsole of the shoes is one of the major strengths when it comes to grip. It is not made by Dynafit but rather by Vibram, which is a company known for their outsole production and which sells their designs to various shoe manufacturers around the world. This being said, the outsole is quite durable.
When it comes to grip, the shoes are made with rugged lugs. The center lugs are chevron-inspired and they work great with the side lugs to offer traction from different angles. At the same time, these lugs can be recommended for those who deal with ascents and descent, such as with mountain trail running. Since the sole is so reliable, it also represents a great solution for other sports such as hiking.


Made with double compression molded EVA, the midsole is truly Alpine. It is made to deal with the demands of uneven terrains and it helps runners stay connected to the comfort of a true running experience instead of dealing with feet pain. But this comfort would not be possible without the added rock plate which does a good job at absorbing immediate shocks which may come when stepping on rocks or other small or large obstacles. The carbon plate is lightweight and it does not impact the natural feel of the shoes to a great extent. Most runners who deal with demanding terrains can appreciate this design, even if it is not exclusive to Dynafit.


The upper is one of the most up to date characteristics of the shoes. It comes in a modern design combining mesh materials with textile materials. There is plenty of breathability in the toe box area, but the added textile materials which go over the lacing system can impede some of this improved ventilation.
But these added textile materials which go over the lacing system are also recommended for better debris protection. With improved water resistance, this design not only looks apart, but it is also significantly better for feet protection, which is one of the main goals of good trail running shoes.
Another interesting characteristic of the upper comes with the quick fit lacing. It allows for instant adjustments which are recommended for runners pushing for better times during training or during the race. With a cushioned collar, the upper is well equipped and it represents one of the most interesting solutions when it comes to a future-proof purchase as there are few reasons to upgrade the shoes anytime soon.

Size And Fit

With an 8mm drop, the shoes feel sportier than many of their alternatives. The same sporty feeling is also present in the upper which has plenty of stretchiness to it in the essential areas. Made for the neutral runner, the shoes fit well for normal feet. They also offer good support for normal arches and mildly fallen arches as the rock plate attenuates many shocks with every stride. The Ortholite footbed also enhances the natural feel of the shoes which is maintained with long-running sessions as well.

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