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Asics Gel Quantum 180 4

Asics has always made inspired running shoes. But it has never actually appealed to those who wear them as casual shoes too much. Can things be any different with the Asics Gel Quantum 180 4? The shoes are now very distinct in how they look. Apart from coming with a running platform to envy, they also offer aesthetics worth watching.

Made for the neutral pronator, the Gel Quantum 180 4 come with more support. The 180 gel inserts make them extra comfortable. While the shoes don’t come with all-premium materials, they certainly make a stance when it comes to comfort. EVA and SPEVA foams are combined with high abrasion rubber to offer well-rounded shoes. Given they come with an appealing design, they can be an option for those who would not look at Asics for this reason. 


There is now a one-piece upper Asics offers. Apart from the seamless construction, the shoes are also made with high abrasion rubber. This leads to improve durability, even with the same 180-degrees of gel. The Trusstic weight-reduction sole unit is kept even in the 4th version of the Gel Quantum 180.

Final considerations

The Solyte midsole technology is the main attraction of the shoes when it comes to performance. Apart from having an attractive and versatile look, the shoes offer proven comfort. These materials are not new. The main difference is in how they work together and in the engineered upper. Asics knows the series doesn’t need to be revolutionized as new runners will immediately gravitate towards the gel heel support if they want the shoes in the first place.

As runners run more and more wearing the shoes, they also realize the potential of the upper. However, some runners will also feel somewhat unsure about the potential for flexibility of the shoes. For normal arches, this is fine. For fallen arches, the shoes might just be too uncomfortable.


For the first time in the series, Asics used High Abrasion Rubber to enhance durability. Compared to the 3rd release of the series, the grooves are similar. But the added traction and durability is true to what Asics claimed about the role of the shoes.

It is why they can be worn on the streets, when shopping and as running shoes. With plenty of grip on all surfaces, the outsole comes with full-length rubber. This ensures neutral pronators find the right traction even if they make a wrong step. The aggressive lateral outsole design might lead some runners to believe that the shoes are very flexible in the forefoot, but this is just not the case.


Three main materials under different technologies create the main difference when it comes to cushioning. The distinct 180 gel is what allows runners to have the edge when it comes to going over bumps or uneven surfaces. At the same time, this gel reduces the impact force on the joints. As daily trainers, the shoes work wonders for lower pain.

Solyte combines EVA and SPEVA foams for responsive cushioning. This mid-range material is still hard to match when it comes to responsiveness and pricing. It is going to be with the Gel series for a long time as a result.

The Trusstic system is borrowed from more successful Asics releases. Its aim is to further reduce the weight of the shoe without changing their structural integrity. Moving in any plain comes with reduced discomfort and with good durability as a result.


With an OrthoLite sockliner, it is clear the shoes are made for good breathability. Asics went even further and cut out all seams from the upper. There is no risk of high friction and irritations as a result. The one-piece design is a success and it offers the upper a more modern look as well.

Given that Asics also implemented the forward incline principle, where the center of gravity is shifted towards the toes, the upper is supportive and it can balance this so that runners do not feel uncomfortable.

Size And Fit

With plenty of room in the forefoot, most runners can rely on the Gel Quantum 180 4 running shoes for extra comfort. As all-around designs, they need to come with that extra space. It also means that runners will not break any sprint records easily as well.

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