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Asics Gel Fujitrabuco 7

Running on gel insertions while out on trails may sound like a dream. But Asics Gel Fujitrabuco 7 aim to improve an already popular shoe. It includes the comfortable shock-absorbing gel into the shoes. With a redesigned outsole, the shoes also offer a better grip. If the 6th release was judged for its poor performance on mud, this is not the case anymore with the 7th Fujitrabuco. With good mud-shedding abilities, the shoes are a powerful choice for uneven surfaces.

Flytefoam is also used for better comfort, just as in leading Asics designs. With an OrthoLite sockliner, the shoes are also good at managing moisture. They might not be the quickest to dry, but they are certainly made for lower heat inside the shoes. 


The 7th Fujitrabuco edition comes with a higher upper. It protects the feet better and it offers a responsive design for those who might even consider the shoes as the first go-to option to try out trail running.

But running off the beaten path needs proper outsole. Asics has improved the outsole considerably. Even if it is seen as an evolution, it certainly comes with enough changes to prompt even Fujitrabuco 6 users to upgrade. 

Final considerations

One of the fears trail runners have comes with clunkers. If on paper all features look apart, judging the Fujitrabuco 7 should be made how the shows make runners feel. From this perspective, nothing comes close at this price. There is an element of safety and traction which works well together and which was missing in the previous version of the shoes. It’s just a shame that the color options are so similar to Saucony’s Zealot ISO as a distinct look is important as well.


This is where Asics placed a lot of attention. Maybe unfairly judged just for the performance on mud, the 6th Fujitrabuco shoes needed to be changed. It is why the manufacturer included the AsicsGrip technology in the 7th release. This unique rubber provides extra stickiness. But maybe most importantly, the multidirectional lugs are now made with proper spacing and extra aggression. Shedding dirt and mud is easier as a result. The outsole performs reliably on all surfaces.


Many runners are glad to know the midsole is just as good as the outsole. There are no reasons to reconsider Flytefoam just because the shoes are made for trails. The impressive bounce is still reliable. So instead of using different types of small pieces of foam pressed together like other brands, Asics actually used organic fibers for this technology. It is why it acts so well when it comes to reaching its full potential even after hundreds of miles.

But nothing can be more impressive than the rearfoot gel insertions. The cushioning system shows its capabilities when running over hard objects such as rock. Running uphill doesn’t need to be as painful as a result. Even running on flat surfaces becomes easier. The only situation where runners can’t tell the difference between gel and no-gel designs is when running downhill on soft surfaces. Even so, there is a rock protection plate to keep bruises away as much as possible.

Speva 45 soft foam is also used for comfort improvements. This durable material is not to be missed when looking at affordable and mid-range running shoes. It creates the soft platform needed to balance the wobbly nature of gel insertions.


If some runners complained the feet were not properly protected with the Fujitrabuco 6, their latest version improves some of these issues. The forefoot and the heel are better protected by overlays. At the same time, the shoes’ durability also has to benefit from the midfoot overlays which wrap the foot and which are also part of the lacing system.  

With durable lacing and hard eyelets, the shoes can also be easily adjusted, even for those who love the tightest fit.  With a heel pull tab, they are also easy to take off when runners are back to smoother roads.

Size And Fit

Half sizes are available with the Fujitrabuco 7. Even so, neutral pronators should not need any special adjustments. Thin and thick running socks can be worn with the shoes as well. But considering the thick ankle collar padding, the Fujitrabuco shoes offer plenty of comfort out on the trail.

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