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Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo

With a premium profile, the Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo is worth a look for any runner. Nike is actually very proud of the latest 35th release of the shoes. In fact, it has gone to some lengths to reach the final product. During testing, the shoes offer impressive speeds. Runners can expect the type of speed which is often associated to near own record running abilities. This has been achieved by working with elite runners in Kenya. Since Kenyans have such an impressive running tradition, there is a lot to be learned in their community.

The pillowy midsole of the shoes can create an impact. While they are not marketed as marathon shoes such as the Vaporfly Elite, the shoes are perfect for daily training. Even the small details on the shoes have been considered by the manufacturer. Nike managed to create this premium daily trainer with a foam which is only available in its top releases, meant for marathon runs. Of course, runners are aware that they need to pay more to run in the shoes. But for many runners, this is the first release which really makes a difference and which stands out from the competition in terms of real professional-level cushioning.

14 reasons to buy

  • Premium feel and premium performance for training and race day
  • Redesigned outsole to improve grip and get rid of previous issues
  • A softly cushioned profile which improves natural cushioning
  • Based on rare premium foam only used in leading designs
  • Made under the coordination of Kenyan runners
  • Distinct outsole strip to ensure smooth landings
  • Raised rubber on the outsole edges for proper traction
  • Upper made with Flywire lacing for proper fit
  • Greatest energy return on designs with no midsole plate
  • Snug fit around the arch of the foot
  • The translucent upper look makes them look in motion
  • Available in half sizes
  • High performance on tempo runs
  • Best cushioning for long runs

2 reasons why not to buy

  • Reduced bounce compared to the Vaporfly Elite
  • Too expensive for the average runner


The outsole needed to be addressed with the new release. Nike changed and improved the old outsole to allow runners to freely run on the track without fearing even the smallest rocks. Minor changes have also been made to the upper’s materials.

Most importantly, the new Zoom Pegasus Turbo comes with a performance-orientated approach, as seen in the early research and development stage. While they cost more, they certainly offer more as well.

With our without race day wear, the shoes are among the most promising Nike releases. Not all runners can afford them but those who already have the shoes usually place them in their top preferences. As daily trainers, they allow runners to prepare at the highest level. The type of running doesn’t really matter, as the Pegasus Turbo can really go with the wind and help runners achieve better times as well.


Nike has placed considerable attention on the design of the outsole. It comes as one of the changes which fans were waiting for the most. Since there is a new Zoom Pegasus Turbo release every year, fans were not really concerned about the problem. Nike addresses the issue and it now offers a new outsole which is considerably better. The small rocks which used to get stuck in the outsole are now gone.

But the outsole also comes with other considerable changes. For example, it now comes with plenty of freedom when it comes to natural movement. When it comes to breaking personal running times, they are among the top options to consider. For this reason, Nike has added a distinct outsole stripe to help landings. The rubber in the forefoot and in the heel is raised as well. This speed-orientated profile is quite aggressive and runners love it.


The midsole of the shoes can be limiting. Of course, for the price, the shoes are always going to be compared with the best Nike has to offer, such as the Vaporfly Elite. But unlike those shoes and other similar Asics shoes, there is no plate in the midsole to offer extra energy return. This is somewhat limiting and many runners would love to see at least a version of the Pegasus Turbo with an included plate. 

Combining the ZoomX foam and the React foam, Nike still manages to offer a springy feel. The shoes come alive compared to most other simply-foam alternatives. It is why so many runners say the shoes are actually the most comfortable they’ve worn to date. Even more, some runners might even see the shoes as a worthy investment while other pricy options still do not come with any excitement.


The upper of the shoes are made to last. It is also one of the designs which come with translucent materials on the upper. This gives people the impression that the upper is actually moving when it actually sits in place.

Nike added its Flywire lacing which use cables to wrap the midfoot. The close fit of the midfoot makes the shoes highly attractive when runners want to go for their next time record.

Size And Fit

Made true to size, the shoes rarely come with fit issues. As reported by many runners, they fit perfectly. However, many of those who have tried the shoes have not tried the Vaporfly Elite or other top shoes to have realistic comparison designs. Even in these conditions, it is rare to find an unsatisfied runner.

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