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Nike Air Zoom Vomero 14

From time to time, there are running shoes which make an immediate impact. The Nike Air Zoom Vomero 14 are among those rare shoes. The shoes are practically one of the best-looking designs on the market, not only from Nike. It is hard to match their aesthetics in the high cushion world.

Apart from the mesmerizing burgundy ash/lime colors, they also come with plenty of support for a daily runner. However, break-in is required. They might not be the most comfortable shoes in the first few miles, but they offer Nike Air Zoom unit cushioning. Of course, the shoes are not the most affordable in Nike’s lineup. But given they can be used for 5k and even half marathons, the might be worth the investment. Apart from their cushioned profile, they also come with a distinct aesthetic appeal perfect for occasions such as races.

11 reasons to buy

  • Arguably one of the most successful designs on the market
  • Distinct standard burgundy ash/lime color
  • Responsive cushioning mostly based on the Nike Air Zoom unit
  • Enhanced breathability based on mesh materials
  • Dynamic Fit enhances the lacing flexibility and gives the upper a stretchy feel
  • Firm profile for many runners used to other cushioning designs
  • Made with rubber for proper traction across all surfaces
  • Plenty of flexibility in the outsole, especially towards the forefoot
  • Padded ankle collar provides a soft touch when pushing for better running times
  • Comfortable for training, 5k, 10k and full marathon running
  • Outsole rubber runs across the entire length of the shoes

2 reasons why not to buy

  • The shoes require break-in
  • Not as cushioned as the Saucony Triumph ISO


The old knit upper is out. From the 13th release, the Air Zoom Vomero now comes with a more modern approach where breathability is key. The Lunar foam has also been replaced with React foam. Even the outsole has been redesigned to a more modern approach, with shorter lugs. But Nike has also removed the high number of grooves from the previous version, which can be an explanation for the shoes’ rigidity. Even so, the break-in period has been considerably reduced from the previous release.

Final considerations

It is not easy to find the right race day running shoes. The Nike Air Zoom Vomera 14 are very beautiful, which can be a problem for those who do not look past this to see if the comfort matches the aesthetics. As with any striking shoe element, this creates both fans and opposes. What is sure is that runners who are not too heavy can find the shoes comfortable, especially after the first few miles.


With BRS 1000 carbon rubber the shoes sound promising. Of course, the average runner cannot make a distinction between this rubber and other types of rubber. But it is important to know the outsole has been made to last. This is crucial as the shoes are bound to be used for various races. Even more, they can easily be among the solutions at hand when it comes to intense daily training.

Since the rubbed runs across the entire length of the foot, it also provides plenty of traction. It is here that people find out how great they are while running around the city or on the track. Cardiovascular training on the treadmill can also benefit from the extra cushioning. Even if most leading treadmills come with some type of shock absorption, wearing the shoes at the gym only means longer runs are more comfortable.


There is a full-length Nike Air Zoom unit in the midsole. It is paired with the popular React foam. This combination would have runners thinking the midsole is very soft and very flexible. This is far from the truth. Apart from having to go through a break in period, the shoes also need to be considered as a firmer alternative to the likes of the Triumph ISO series.

At the same time, this cushioning has different responses depending on the weight of the runner. For example, heavier runners do not feel as comfortable with the cushioning. It might just not be enough for those on the heavier side, especially when passing the 10k mark. 


The upper is indeed beautiful. On forums, the shoes are seen as some of the best-looking options on the market. This says a lot about the quality which can still come from Nike, even when the series has reached its 14th release. While the aesthetics impress, the functionality of the upper is not bad either.

The upper comes with engineered mesh. This material is known for providing a thin texture with its breathability without sacrificing support. It must be said the upper is not fully cushioned as in the old days of running. It only uses padding in key areas. One of these areas in the ankle collar. Even here, the padding is thin to allow the same low weight profile runners aspire to. 

Size And Fit

The shoes are true to size. They fit most runners very well. They are also available in regular, wide and extra-wide widths. This allows the shoes to be seen more and more in training and during races. Since they can cater to all types of feet, the shoes are comfortable. Half sizes are also available for runners who like a more precise fit. Those looking to gain some speed can consider a more robust close fit. 

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