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Brooks Ravenna 10

Brooks came a long way from its humble beginnings in 1914. The Brooks Ravena 10 are living proof of just how far the manufacturer can go to offer runners reliable shoes. All eyes were on the Ravena series to fix the comfort issues it came with for some runners with the 9th release. So has Brooks managed to improve the series while adding something new and appealing for today’s runner?

The running community was quick to note the 10th Ravena version comes with no medial post foot. Brooks uses guide rails instead. The forefoot comes with added support with extra foam. But the midsole remains a Brooks staple with the same BioMoGo technology.

With a bit more support than the previous release, the running shoes also come with a closer fit, as many runners expected. The results of all of these changes come in the form of a high energy stride with more cushioning than the average alternative. Of course, the shoes are also updated in terms of aesthetics with plenty of great colors to choose from. 


With added support from extra foam and more attention placed on the forefoot, the shoes are finally mature enough to be considered for various hard and demanding surfaces. This also works well with the guide rail system which reduces the impact on the knees.

Final considerations

With a unique appeal based on their design and technologies, the Brooks Ravena 10 offer one of the unique running experiences. They even appeal to some runners looking for stability shoes. But even so, the energetic response on the road makes the shoes stand out in the Ravena series.
Some runners might even ask if the Ravena 10 are truly worth the upgrade from the Ravena 9? The tight toe box seems to have added stretchiness. The shoes also feel more fluid with the one-piece upper design. 

But most importantly, the Ravena 10 medial zone has changed considerably. There now is a different approach which can even bring runners to Brooks from other brands. For example, stability and extra cushioning Asics fans might not be let down by the latest Ravena 10 as they were with the previous Brooks release. Runners who have not run in Brooks shoes for years are also in for a surprise. Both DNA and BioMoGo have now been mastered to perfection from the 1st mile to the 400th-mile responsiveness.


There is plenty of versatility in the outsole to consider the Ravena 10 for all types of running. Short and long-distance runs are possible and even some off-track adventures can be met, especially on dry surfaces.

The all-rubber outsole with flex grooves tends to handle road training the best. The blown rubber is also present on the entire length of the outsole. This means that those runners who hope for the most midfoot flexibility will encounter a shoe which is made to tackle hard surfaces with maximum traction. 


Two Brooks technologies are at the core of the new midsole. Both BioMoGo and DNA are already known to runners. Since 2008, BioMoGo has been trying to make an impact. For most runners, it has offered a technology which offers adaptive support on all temperatures. Both in cold and warm environments, the cushioning acts the same. But the technology is known for its biodegradability as well.

The EVA DNA technology comes with the same responsiveness with no extra weight or bulk. The foam is neither too soft nor too hard. It maintains the same comfort during shock absorption as the previous Ravenas. But the added foam in the forefoot means that runners can put that extra effort into the power of the stride with less impact on the foot. 

The added guide rails of the midsole helps keep runners injury-free. Brooks claims this update is actually meant to protect the knees as it keeps the feet in position better. But it can certainly be an issue for those with wider feet.


The one-piece upper construction is what first meets the eye in the new Brooks Ravena 10. It uses the same mesh upper as the 9th series, but it now comes with larger mesh holes. This improves ventilation and it takes the shoes to that extra mile when it comes to temperature comfort. With a close fit, the shoes are surely an option for a run with higher energy. There is a traditional tongue as well. As the rest of the upper, it is breathable as well.

Size And Fit

The fit of the shoes is somewhat improved over the previous version. But this is not necessarily due to sizing as it is to the new guide rails which offer the illusion of a closer fit. However, there is plenty of stretchiness in the new upper to allow for some toes’ mobility. 

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