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Made with New Balance’s unmistakable look, the 990 v4 offers one of the best solutions when for versatility. With a durable outsole and upper, the shoes are used for running. But they also represent one of the leading options for training in the gym, walking or other physical activities, similarly to many other New Balance options. With a design which favors those who seek extra cushioning with their 12mm drop, the shoes represent one of the best solutions when it comes to overall shock absorption capacity. Of course, they are not the lightest running shoes, but the purpose goes much further.

10 reasons to buy

  • The rugged design which is useful for runners who want to tackle different surfaces

  • Made with a robust upper and outsole for added durability

  • Added overlays on the upper for improved lateral support

  • Available in multiple colors

  • Great for all feet as the shoes come in all widths

  • 12mm heel to toes drop for added shock absorption capacity

  • Blow rubber outsole offers a robust design often recommended for those seeking improved traction

  • EVA cushioning offers good shock absorption capacity comparable to the alternatives in this class

  • Manufactured in the US using pigskin for extra strength

  • Upper made with a combination of materials

2 reasons why not to buy

  • Not the most breathable design

  • Heavy for some runners


90.5 / 5 ratings

October, 11.2018 by: Carlo Ople
New Balance 990 v4

New Balance 990 V4 Review: BETTER THAN THE ULTRABOOST?

October, 02.2018 by: shootyourshot TV
New Balance 990 v4

THE ORIGINAL DAD SHOES!!! | New Balance 990 V4 Review | in hand and on foot | ORIGINAL DAD SHOE

August, 09.2018 90 / 100 by: Adam Wilson

The shoes are among the classic options from the manufacturer for active and casual wear. With an outsole that is durable and which offers plenty of traction, they represent a solution which is recommended for the casual runner. With a durability based on its rubber materials, the shoes are great for the average runner as well. Even the upper’s materials come with overlays for extra durability. In terms of fit and comfort, the shoes are as roomy as you would expect from the manufacturer and they have some limitations when you’d like to pick up the running pace.

August, 05.2018 91 / 100 by: Joseph Johnson

The shoes are among the most comfortable I own. They are great for running and I also use them for casual activities when out of the house. The extra padding makes them a fantastic choice if you need that ultimate comfort. When running, the shoes offer great traction on asphalt and tarmac and they can be used every day for long periods of time. With foam cushioning and rubber traction, they feel solid and reliable. But at the same time, they do not look as modern as some other shoes. If it’s not an issue for you, then the shoes can offer one of the most comfortable designs in the class.

November, 01.2017 by: RunnerClick
New Balance 990 v4

New Balance 990 v4 Reviewed in 2018 |

Features & Specs

Weight: Very Heavy
13.6 oz 385 g
80.28% of shoes are lighter
Very light Very heavy
Weight: Very Heavy
11.1 oz 316 g
82.81% of shoes are lighter
Very light Very heavy
Heel to toe drop: 0
12 mm
49.23% of shoes have less drop
Zero Very high
Heel to toe drop: Very High
12 mm
45.76% of shoes have less drop
Zero Very high


Made with one of the best designs strictly for versatility, the shoes are often a solution for the runner who wants a reliable solution. Sitting in a class where competition is high, they are made to cater to the demanding needs of the runners. For this purpose, they combine the lightweight materials such as mesh with the durable rubber or pig skin. However, the shoes are comfortable as well.


The shoes are made with some of the best materials for durability but the overall success of their design is given by the improved outsole and improved upper. In many cases, they are also among the options which are easy to work with, especially when you are coming from a previous design, as they have considerable cushioning which makes the transition easier. However, you need to be comfortable with the weight of the shoes which is above the 300gr mark. If you don’t mind the extra weight of the design, the shoes can represent one of the most stable and comfortable options on the market.


The outsole of the shoes features the blown rubber with flexion grooves. The entire surface of the shoe is covered by rubber which recommends them in the situations where you need improved traction. Furthermore, the midfoot area is also made to be in contact with the ground so it can be said that New Balance placed special attention in the traction compartment. With improved results when it comes to durability, the outsole is recommended for indoor use such as running on a treadmill or outdoor use, such as running on tarmac or the track.


With a 12mm drop, the shoes are among the options which are the easiest to handle. In many cases, they are comfortable even when taken on light trails. But their main purpose is to offer the stability and comfort which is paid with the price of the extra weight. With EVA cushioning, the shoes are among the recommended options when it comes to improved comfort, especially in the conditions in which you want to enjoy the best overall freedom of movement on different types of surfaces.


With an upper which combines pigskin and mesh materials, you would think that the shoes offer a stretchy performance. But their bulky design prevents them from actually being stretchy and it represents a foundation towards improved overall durability. Even the mesh materials can’t do much in the context of considerable overlays.

The upper also offers dual-density padding on the ankle collar. With such considerable padding, they are among the few options which are truly recommended for runners of all ages.

Size And Fit

With a design which is made for all runners, New Balance offers custom options. From X-narrow to XX-wide, the shoes are available in all widths. This large selection of widths has also led to increased customer satisfaction when it comes to fit. As the shoes are among the few options which offer impressive a solution for all sizes and widths, they have a certain appeal in the running community. This is also why New Balance offers them in a wide range of colors to suit the vast ages of their customers.