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With a new design and up to date technologies, the Mizuno Wave Sky 2 offers one of the best overall experiences for runners of all levels. With a supportive construction and a thick padding upper, the shoes are comfortable and yet responsive. With added overlays on the midfoot area, they are also among the options which are made for durability. With good traction and plenty of lateral stability, the shoes can be used out on the track and in some cases, they can be an option when running indoors on treadmills as well.

11 reasons to buy

  • Made with a comfortable profile with thick padding and supportive cushioning

  • A distinct modern design combining mesh and overlays into one of the leading solutions in terms of comfort

  • Added breathability with the thin mesh tongue design made for traditional lacing support

  • Made with Aerohug fit technology to offer a natural contour to your feet, recommended for a normal stride

  • All new anatomical sockliner for natural biomechanics during short and long-running sessions

  • Blown rubber outsole added for improved traction on slippery tracks

  • Made with Mizuno Cloudwave technology for better shock absorption capacity

  • U4icX Strobel midsole technology made to attenuate many of the shocks your feet might feel during runs

  • Added Pebax Wave Plate for better support, improved shock distribution, and better overall bounciness

  • The wave plate comes in a different color from the rest of the shoe to add a touch of style

  • Appealing design made in different colors

2 reasons why not to buy

  • Bulky for runners with small feet

  • Multiple upper overlays can make it difficult to clean


90.5 / 4 ratings

August, 06.2018 90 / 100 by: Luke Olson

The responsiveness of the shoes is fantastic. While the flexibility is not the best, they just feel bouncy on different surfaces which makes them reliable for daily running. The added support from the midsole plate also makes the shoes less flexible. You don’t really feel this until you start running at a faster pace while off the beaten path, like on grass. But apart from this situation, they react really well and they can be among the top shoes to consider for versatility. The looks are impressive as well as they come with modern Mizuno aesthetics.

July, 18.2018 by: Shop Zappos
Mizuno Wave Sky 2

Mizuno Wave Sky 2 SKU: 9043204

July, 13.2018 91 / 100 by: David Smith

Made with a thin mesh with overlays, the shoes fit well and they are quite breathable. They are extra cushioning around the ankles which makes them quite a solution when it comes to long runs. But the most interesting aspect of the shoes comes with the Wave plate. The added midsole plate actually makes the shoes responsive, even in the conditions in which they are considered cushioning shoes. At the same time, the shoes are not really the softest due to this plate. But they can protect your feet against impacts way better than other shoes with no midsole plate.

June, 13.2018 by: Jamison Michael
Mizuno Wave Sky 2


Features & Specs

Weight: Very Heavy
11.8 oz 335 g
74.65% of shoes are lighter
Very light Very heavy
Weight: Very Heavy
10.1 oz 285 g
76.56% of shoes are lighter
Very light Very heavy

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The Wave Sky 2 is thus one of the leading options when it comes to good overall comfort. With top results when it comes to improved breathability and support, the shoes are made for the serious runner looking for the ultimate technologies.


There are many upgrades to the Wave Sky 2. The introduction of some of Mizuno’s latest technologies recommends the shoes for better overall comfort and running performance. While the outsole is not revolutionary, it is stable. It works great with the improved midsole which is now even better at handling shocks and at offering a custom support. With a thickly-padded upper collar, the shoes are among the top options when it comes to better overall ankle comfort.

An entirely new feature comes with the premium anatomical sockliner. Made to offer comfort while following the contour of your feet, the sockliner represents one of the most interesting solutions when it comes to better overall comfort, especially on long runs when your feet might already start to feel increased discomfort due to the extra friction and heat.


Featuring blown rubber, the thick outsole offers one of the most durable solutions in its class. With flexibility which can be improved, the outsole is made for traction. If you are running on the track, you can feel free to accelerate even on wet surfaces if you are running during or after rainfall.


The midsole of the shoes offers one of the key areas for its performance. With the added Pebax plate you get the ability to reduce the shocks which would otherwise be transmitted to your heels. Even more, the shoes are among the leading options when it comes to improved overall comfort, especially in the conditions in which they are made for optimum shock attenuation with the Cloudwave technology. There is plenty of support even for the heavy runner.


With an upper which is made for maximum breathability, the shoes represent one of the most interesting solutions when it comes to improved comfort. Made with considerable padding and added overlays, the upper is comfortable and breathable while maintaining its rather rigid profile. Even more, the upper of the shoes come with a traditional tongue which can be easily adjusted when you want to ensure you have the best overall fit and lockdown.

Size And Fit

The fit of the shoes is true to size, with some runners even noting their bulkier design might even be too large for them. With a fitted forefoot and a roomier midfoot, the shoe is not specifically made for race day but they can be among the options to consider when it comes to the everyday running. If you have wider feet, you will also struggle with the midfoot comfort as it comes with considerable overlays which are not the best stretchy materials of the upper.