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On has always been at the forefront of innovation. The new Cloudace shoes offer a distinct solution for running on tarmac or on track. Its name comes from the large studs in the outsole which are very comfortable. With an upper which is made with perforations for breathability and some of the most innovative overlays for extra support, the upper of the shoes look as good as their outsole. Their overall aggressive exterior is not matched by the interior which is comfortable and distinct as well. With good protection for the Achille’s tendon, the shoes are also among the top solutions when it comes to post-injury running. But their strong point remains the unmistakable look.

12 reasons to buy

  • Made with a distinct aggressive look which can recommend them as casual shoes in some outfits

  • Designed with zero-gravity cushioning with a distinct outsole which is capable to offer a comfortable feel

  • Made with 3D heel pads for an innovative and comfortable heel collar

  • Designed with TPU-injected heel counter for the ultimate fit and comfort

  • Propelling results in running for most people

  • Comfortable experience for long runs

  • Mesh materials in the upper for added breathability

  • Added midsole support foil overlays for extra security and stability

  • Made with a liquid-injected speedboard for a propelling stride

  • Designed with different types of gravity clouds in the outsole with better flexibility in the forefoot

  • Comfortable insole proves a top design characteristic on long runs

  • Classic tongue design made to protect midfoot against lacing irritation

2 reasons why not to buy

  • Not the most affordable solution for beginners

  • Limited side step outsole performance


85 / 5 ratings

August, 26.2018 by: Tri Shop
ON Cloudace

ON Cloudace - Big Cushion for Big (and Fast!) Miles

August, 25.2018 by: Will is That GoPro Guy
ON Cloudace

On Cloudace Running Shoes - Testing and Review

August, 06.2018 86 / 100 by: Adrian Dunn

There is a great balance between the heel and the toe with the shoes. They have a distinctly natural feel which makes them comfortable for most runs. I also like the dual pods in the forefoot which do a great job at offering support in this crucial area. They also feel supportive, even with the pods outsole. The comfort and padding are at the same level as some of the leading shoes I own as well. While they are not as high in cushioning as the other shoes, they offer a springier feel and they work great mostly for running and less as a casual shoe.

July, 29.2018 by: Triathlon Taren
ON Cloudace

ON RUNNING CloudAce Review: Best Running Trainers

July, 05.2018 84 / 100 by: Liam Grant

The added plastic speed board impacts the way these shoes feel. They are bouncy from the outsole already and the added plate only makes them more bouncy which is great on long runs. But they feel stable most of the time and the added heel cup actually makes them great for heel runners as well. However, the shoes have their limitations as well. The breathability is not the best and you are advised to wear quality thin socks to allow your feet to stay comfortable on longer runs. This being said, they are among the most comfortable shoes I’ve tried.

Features & Specs


The running shoes are thus among the most interesting solutions for many users. Representing innovation and comfort in a single package, the shoes are among the options which can often be seen as experimental. But they can be a daily solution for most runners who do not have any special requests. With a fit which is held as innovative and distinct in comfort, the shoes also offer a profile of a premium design creating its own class on the market.


There is little doubt that the shoes come with innovative technologies and designs. If the CloudTech design is not new, the upper of the shoes is among the areas which offer the most benefit and considerable return on investment in terms of materials’ quality. The outsole if the running shoes is not entirely new and it can be seen in different variations on other shoes. But the responsiveness coupled with the speed plate offer a distinct solution for most runners.

If you are looking to use the shoes yourself, you also need to know that they come with a different design compared to regular running shoes. While the performance can be better, the maintenance is different. Simply cleaning the outsole proves to take more time when compared to more traditional alternatives.


There are many unique characteristics to the Cloudace but the outsole is one of them. It comes as one of the most interesting solutions when you consider the different options in the premium segment. As its name suggests, the shoes are strongly impacted by the design of the outsole with its large studs. But most runner won’t actually feel the studs separately as the design works great when it comes to a good heel to toe transition.


Based on the CloudTec design, the foam midsole offers one of the best solutions in terms of comfort and durability. With the added speed plate, the shoes are also among the designs which combine a top platform for extra energy with a stability which is needed to balance the impressively-rugged outsole. It is also true that the shoes offer the most advanced version of the CloudTec designs and this is why they can be an option to consider for runners who want a more distinct experience, even for On shoe.


The upper comes with a distinct look which is often described as aggressive. But its overall functionality is not bad either. With added perforations for breathability, the upper also offers special attention to ankle comfort and Achille’s tendon protection. There are also improved areas in terms of overlays which are kept to a minimalistic design which is made for maximum breathability. The extra support of the heel with the heel counter also counts as one of the most impressive additions when it comes to improved comfort for all types of runners.

Size And Fit

Made true to size, the shoes are on the narrow side. For most people, they offer good comfort levels and they are available in half sizes as well. If you are planning to use them on race day, it is recommended to stay true to size.