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As one of the recent releases, the Nike Odyssey React shoes offer a good running performance. The shoes are the latest version of the premium Odyssey design. However, with the new React foam, they are both better and more affordable than the previous version. Seeing running shoes being used as casual shoes is not new. This can certainly be the case with the Odyssey React. Their design has been highly praised. But it’s not all about looks with the new shoes, their performance is great both for short and long runs.

17 reasons to buy

  • Made with breathable Jacquard fabric which improves durability over the previous Odyssey design

  • Open knit design comes with a snug fit

  • Distinct neoprene elastic tongue for added comfort and reduced skin irritations

  • Designed with special attention to the heel area which now comes with extra padding and improved stability

  • Improved insole cushioning

  • More affordable compared to the previous Odyssey

  • Added outsole rubber to reduce wear

  • Constant performance even after 300 miles

  • Added stability in the heel area

  • Added rubber on the outsole to improve durability

  • Improved traction across multiple types of flat surfaces due to the extra rubber of the outsole

  • Improved stability compared to the previous version, especially in the heel area

  • Made with a modern design which appeals both to performance running and to those looking for a distinct casual shoe

  • The midsole foam design offers good energy return on every stride, particularly helpful with longer running sessions

  • Bouncy responsiveness with a midsole which combines cushioning and stability characteristics

  • Available in 7 colors

  • Improved stability compared to the previous Odyssey 

4 reasons why not to buy

  • React foam can come with a bulky design for some runners

  • Not made for flat feet runners

  • Stiff midfoot for some runners

  • May require purchasing half size up for runners with wide feet


85 / 1 rating

September, 05.2018 85 / 100 by: Adam Wilson


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Features & Specs

Weight: Light
8.6 oz 243 g
13.56% of shoes are lighter
Very light Very heavy
Weight: Light
6.9 oz 197 g
15.38% of shoes are lighter
Very light Very heavy
Heel to toe drop: 0
10 mm
35.19% of shoes have less drop
Zero Very high
Heel to toe drop: High
10 mm
35.42% of shoes have less drop
Zero Very high
Heel height: Low
28 mm
57.45% of shoes are lower at the heel
Very low Very high
Heel height: Low
28 mm
64.29% of shoes are lower at the heel
Very low Very high
Forefoot height: Very Low
18 mm
38.3% of shoes are lower in the forefoot
Very low Very high
Forefoot height: Very Low
18 mm
42.86% of shoes are lower in the forefoot
Very low Very high


There are a few improvements over the previous Odyssey React. Among them, the breathable Jacquard upper is great for better breathability. With a plastic-wrapped heel design, the shoes are also vastly improved over the previous version. For many runners, the added stability comes with better reliability. It is why the bouncy-stable feel proves unique.


The outsole has also been improved over the previous version. With enhanced rubber coverage, the outsole now comes with extra durability. With zigzag grooves, the shoes offer plenty of traction on different flat surfaces. You can use them to run on the track or on the treadmill. They can even be used on wet track conditions with the increased rubber surface which protects the surface from wear. But the design of the outsole also allows the right flexibility in the forefoot. This is why the shoes are a solution to consider when sprinting as well.



The shoes are made to meet the needs of most runners. However, heel support is improved beyond these simple needs. This works great with the new React cushioning. The foam is made to absorb shocks which can be a considerable problem for the joints of runners. But the midsole is not as soft as many would expect. They are reinforced with injected thermoplastic polyurethane to give them the right stiffness. Some customization is also possible. You can add your own sockliner if you’re not satisfied by the standard offering. The result is a comfortable midsole with a 10mm offset.


The sock-like feel of the upper is immediately noticed. Partly due to the new Jacquard fabric, the feel and responsiveness of the upper recommend the shoes for all types of runners. It is also true that the knit fabric is different from what was used just a couple of years ago on different shoes. The upper is now made with a more open knit which allows for improved breathability keeping your feet cooler, especially on the long runs. But the upper is light as well, which only enhances the natural biomechanics of the foot and which is not too demanding on those with overpronation.

But the breathability is only specific to the forefoot and midfoot areas. The heel area of the upper is dominated by inside foam collar lines which improve comfort. Other features of the upper are also worth mentioning. Among them, the neoprene tongue of the Odyssey proves a comfortable option to reduce some of the pressure from the lacing.

Size And Fit

For some runners, the Odyssey React can be narrow in the forefoot. If you have wider feet, it is recommended to go half-size up if you want the right fit and proper comfort. If you have flat feet, the shoes might also not be the best option for arch support.