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There are not many shoes which promise to make running fun again. But Nike’s Epic React Flyknit is one of the options which need to be considered, especially when you want to push your running limits. With a sock-like Fliknit upper and one of the most researched outsoles, the shoes manage to be among the leading options from the manufacturer. All this is offered with a lightweight construction of just 239 grams for a typical men’s size 9.

11 reasons to buy

  • Designed with a heel shelf for the ultimate support and stabilization when your foot lands on the ground

  • Distinct Flyknit upper designed without a traditional tongue to enhance the natural feel of the foot

  • Very lightweight as it sits below the 240g mark for a regular size 9

  • Made with React foam which is superior to TPU foam and even lighter than Lunarlon

  • Bootie-style construction for reduced pressure on the midfoot which enhances the comfort during long runs

  • Proven durability and responsiveness even after 300 miles as tested by professional runners

  • Flyknit material follows the contour of the foot offering support without sacrificing breathability

  • Bouncy midsole which reacts well to pressure and which increases bounce with harder strides

  • A neutral design which is made to suit the needs of most runners

  • Enhanced lateral support platform which is made for all types of running movements

  • An impeccable design which can easily pass as one of the most attractive neutral running shoes

3 reasons why not to buy

  • Narrow fit for some runners

  • Traction on indoor surfaces can be improved

  • The heel counter was a bit soft for some runners


86 / 2 ratings

July, 22.2018 84 / 100 by: Joseph Johnson

Even without too much cushioning, the shoes feel solid. With direct contact with the knit upper, they also represent an interesting addition when it comes to durable shoes as they show no creases even after a few hundred miles. At the same time, the lack of thick cushioning allows the shoes to feel very flexible. It is why they are a good choice when you want to have a tighter feel. The design can be improved in some aspects, but at the end of the day, the shoes are mainly made for optimum performance beyond the best aesthetics.

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July, 11.2018 88 / 100 by: Henry Brown

I like how the shoes feel. They come with the knit upper which wraps around the foot in a snug manner. But at the same time, the knit is thinner than expected, which can be seen as a positive, especially if you need that extra breathability while running. Since I land on my heels when I run, I also like the heel counter on the shoes. While this may not be necessary for all runners, it represents an interesting characteristic worth noting when you want to make the best of the soft foam midsole the shoes come with.

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Features & Specs

Weight: Light
8.4 oz 239 g
11.86% of shoes are lighter
Very light Very heavy
Weight: Light
6.9 oz 195 g
13.46% of shoes are lighter
Very light Very heavy
Heel to toe drop: 0
10 mm
35.19% of shoes have less drop
Zero Very high
Heel to toe drop: High
10 mm
35.42% of shoes have less drop
Zero Very high


With so many great features, the Epic React Flyknit shoes represent an interesting choice among top runners. While they can certainly be used by beginners, their true qualities are seen when pushing for the next personal record.


With considerable improvements and some inspiration from the Nike VaporFly 4%, the running shoes represent an interesting choice for those seeking improved overall technologies. The foam is up to date and it impresses runners. This is why React has proven a better choice than Lunarlon.

It’s also worth mentioning that the upper also feels considerably different to what you would expect from traditional running shoes. It goes to show that the entirely new line from Nike sets new standards for fit and lockdown.

With the help of the Heel Skin design, the support for your heels is also considerably improved. If you are worried about its possible discomfort, you need to know that it is actually not a major issue for most people. The snug fit of the shoes is also a direction which is a clear indication of what the fans of the shoes can expect from future releases as well.


With rubber insertions in the forefoot and in the heel areas, the shoes are among the top options when it comes to good overall traction. The outsole is also durable and it has been researched for optimum performance. However, it might not be optimized for the fast and hard surfaces specific to indoor running.


Arguably the most important characteristic of the shoes comes with the outsole. The React foam has, yet again, proven to be superior to TPU and Lunarlon. Even compared to Lunarlon, the foam is 13% lighter which allows the improved energy return.

Many runners would believe that such a reduced weight could actually hinder traction and support. But this is not the case as Nike did a good job at providing the stability you need.


Sleek and practical, the Flyknit upper is often discussed by runners. It represents an interesting choice which is easy to work with, especially for those seeking a sock-like fit. The heel area is made with overlays which protect the heel cup. While some runners report that it is not the strongest heel cup, it still comes to offer the much-needed support with technologies such as Flyknit.

Size And Fit

The shoes fit exceptionally well for most users. While you may expect a narrow forefoot, this is not actually the case as the shoes are designed for long running sessions and marathons. However, since they are far from the classic designs from Nike, you may need to consider going half a size up if you know that you have wider feet.