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Nike’s Air Zoom Elite 10 is among the recommended options for comfort. Based on the Zoom Air pod in the midsole, the shoes are comfortable and they represent a solution for running training. With a combination of Flywire and Flymesh, they are among the training shoes which are easy to use and which allow a good overall performance, especially in the conditions in which they are usable on various surfaces due to the rubberized outsole.

11 reasons to buy

  • The best version of the Elite series appeal to runners of all skill levels

  • Made with asymmetrical lacing to reduce lacing-specific pressure or the midfoot

  • Built with reduced weight compared to the 9th version of the popular Nike series

  • Soft blown rubber used on the forefoot for a better balance of cushioning and flexibility

  • Uses Flywire technology for improved and custom fit for all types of feet

  • Flymesh upper for better breathability and a sock-like fit for most runners

  • Softer cushioning based on the Zoom Air which contracts when you hit the ground and which goes back to its original shape and size when your feet leave the ground

  • With all-surface rubber on the outsole, the running shoes offer the right type of traction, even on slippery surfaces

  • Durable outsole construction recommends the running shoe as a daily trainer

  • The shoes maintain their responsiveness even after many miles which can make them a leading option for long-distance runners

  • Made with good arch support which can be a determining factor for flat feet runners

2 reasons why not to buy

  • The toe box can be narrow for some runners

  • May require going half a size up for proper fit


91 / 2 ratings

August, 10.2018 92 / 100 by: Luke Olson

The Air Zoom Elite 10 feel great on the feet. Their best responsiveness comes at higher speeds and this is why they can be an option for training on the track or on the treadmill. However, due to the lower weight, they can also work really well when it comes to longer workouts. I also like the outsole of the shoes which comes with considerable studs which might also be why they are great on flat surfaces with shock absorption. The shoes are also among the leading options when it comes to traction, but they might not be the best on slippery grass surfaces.

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August, 06.2018 90 / 100 by: Matthew Jones

With a simplistic upper, the running shoes are among the best solutions for training. They are great at higher speeds. It is why they do not come with the thickest cushioning. At the same time, the shoes are among the leading options from Nike for responsiveness. They do not feel too soft and they are not too rigid either. Made for the average runner, they are comfortable and responsive across most surfaces. The fit is not bad either, especially if you are not a fan of the tighter designs made by rival manufacturers.

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Features & Specs

Weight: Very light
7.9 oz 224 g
5.08% of shoes are lighter
Very light Very heavy
Weight: Very light
6.7 oz 190 g
11.54% of shoes are lighter
Very light Very heavy
Heel to toe drop: 0
8 mm
74.07% of shoes have less drop
Zero Very high
Heel to toe drop: Low
8 mm
77.08% of shoes have less drop
Zero Very high
Heel height: Very Low
27 mm
48.94% of shoes are lower at the heel
Very low Very high
Heel height: Very Low
27 mm
52.38% of shoes are lower at the heel
Very low Very high
Forefoot height: Very Low
19 mm
61.7% of shoes are lower in the forefoot
Very low Very high
Forefoot height: Very Low
19 mm
66.67% of shoes are lower in the forefoot
Very low Very high


With a lightweight design, the shoes are easy to fit. While some runners may struggle with the large outsole, the added Zoom Air technology makes them appealing in the conditions in which they significantly reduce the impact of ground contact with your feet.


The most important upgrades with the latest shoes from the series come with the comfort of the Zoom Air in the midsole. This is the main strength of the shoes which is important for long-distance runners. But they can also be considered among the snug solutions which are easy to fit and which allow for a natural biomechanics in the conditions in which the lockdown is precise. It’s also worth noting that the added arch support of the shoes is highly recommended when it comes to running with flat feet.


The outsole is made to cater to the affordable approach of the shoes. This is why Nike used the Duralon rubber on the entire surface of the outsole. With a waffle pattern, the outsole is really designed to offer good traction on a wide range of surfaces which can be both indoors and outdoors. The material is durable as well even if it is not reinforced in the key areas.


The most important area of the shoes comes with the midsole. It is here that the Zoom Air technology offers the cushioning which is needed for most runners. With the extra support in the forefoot, the technology allows a bouncy feel and an enhanced running experience on hard surfaces. In combination with the Cushion LT foam, it represents one of the most interesting choices when it comes to affordable comfort.


The upper is characterized by a nearly seamless construction for the right type of comfort which keeps irritation away from your feet. With the help of the Flywire technology, the shoes are among the options which can be considered for a sock-like comfort with proper lockdown.

Designed with mesh materials for the entire surface of the upper, the shoes are recommended for running on any type of weather conditions. If they have a flexible design in the forefoot, their design gets stiffer towards the heel where Nike placed a heel counter.

Size And Fit

The fit of the shoes is among the best in their price range. They are made to fit most types of needs, but if you have wider feet or if you overpronate, you might need to consider purchasing the shoes half a size up. If you plan to run full marathons, the sizing needs to be perfect. This is why you might even consider them as racing shoes if you manage to find the right fit for you.