Advent Running

Getting in shape in December seems like a mission impossible? Not with the Advent Running Challenge!

You know that awkward blend of excitement and guilt when another slot of your Advent Calendar pops open, don’t you? If you want to indulge in you daily share of holiday chocolate with a sense of reward rather than remorse, commit yourself to the Advent Running Challenge.

The rules are simple. All you need to do is to run for half an hour every day between 1st December and Christmas Day. It doesn’t really matter how far or how fast you run. The idea is to set aside 30 minutes of me-time in the frenzy of holiday preparations and end the year feeling great.

30 minutes may not sound like much, but the benefits of regular moderate-intensity aerobic exercise are manifold. * A daily dose of physical activity can not only help you *burn those extra calories that usually come with the festive season*, but also *aid in beating holiday stress by taking your mind off the to-do lists, relaxing the body and improving sleep.

So? Ready to hop on the bandwagon and get in shape just in time for New Year’s Eve Parties?