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The Revel 2 from Brooks running shoes are made to be truly versatile in different conditions. They are designed to tackle all types of surfaces and they offer plenty of grip and support to be seen as casual shoes you wear to work as well. With one of the most interesting upper designs in their class, they are also free from creases over long periods of time. Even more, the shoes are made with Brook’s popular BioMoGo cushioning.

10 reasons to buy

  • New knit upper recommended for durability and comfort keeps creases away

  • Added breathability with the knit upper design which allows your feet to stay cooler during the summer days

  • Support collar with extra padding to offer ankle support when needed, especially with side steps

  • 12 mm midsole drop to offer one of the highest platforms in its class for the ultimate shock absorption

  • BioMoGo DNA adaptive technology made for better cushioning and improved shock absorption

  • Added heel crash pad in a segmented design to provide improved overall comfort and better transitions

  • Made with heat-activated yarns which means that the upper is designed to maintain its shape in time

  • Durable rubber outsole with parallel grooves on the forefoot for better flexibility

  • Added midsole pod for improved arch support

  • Versatile design to be considered for workouts or other activities aside from running

2 reasons why not to buy

  • High platform for some runners

  • Available in normal widths only


84 / 5 ratings

September, 24.2018 by: Fitted Running
Brooks Revel 2

Brooks Revel 2 Neutral Running Shoe - What You Need to Know | Fitted Running

July, 23.2018 by: Shop Zappos
Brooks Revel 2

Brooks Revel 2 SKU: 9046323

July, 08.2018 82 / 100 by: Christian Stone

The shoes are made with a versatile design. They are among the solutions which comfortable and affordable. While they are not the best in their class, they offer a solution for most users. The areas of the shoes which can see improvements include the flexibility. But at the same time, the shoes offer an improved overall comfort for the average or the beginner runner. With the adaptive cushioning, they can offer a solution to last for miles, even if they are not the most technologically advanced shoes in the category of versatile designs.

July, 07.2018 86 / 100 by: Matthew Jones

With a knit upper, the shoes really feel and look apart. The upper is not super stretchy which means that it is also not going to lose its shape in time, even after a hundred miles. Overall, the shoes are comfortable as they even come with extra padding as you look away from the forefoot towards the heel. In terms of comfort, you can also count on the adaptive technologies used by Brooks which works great on a number of surfaces. With durable blown rubber with horizontal grooves, the shoes are easy to walk and run with for long periods of time.

June, 11.2018 by: Road Runner Sports
Brooks Revel 2

Men's Brooks Revel 2 | Fit Expert Shoe Review

Features & Specs

Weight: Moderate
10.2 oz 289.2 g
45.07% of shoes are lighter
Very light Very heavy
Weight: Moderate
9 oz 255.1 g
59.38% of shoes are lighter
Very light Very heavy

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  • Weight:
  • Heel to toe drop:
  • Heel height:
  • Forefoot height:
  • 10.2 oz289.2 g
  • 10.4 oz295 g
  • 10 mm
  • 28 mm
  • 18 mm
  • 10.5 oz298 g
  • 10 mm
  • 26 mm
  • 16 mm
  • 10.6 oz301 g
  • 10 mm
  • 29 mm
  • 19 mm
  • 10.6 oz301 g
  • 10 mm
  • 32 mm
  • 22 mm
  • 10.7 oz303 g
  • 10 mm
  • 22 mm
  • 12 mm
  • 10.9 oz309 g
  • 11.2 oz317.5 g
  • 11.9 oz336 g
  • 10 mm
  • 22 mm
  • 24 mm
  • 13.3 oz377 g
  • 12 mm
  • 30 mm
  • 18 mm


With a new profile and an updated upper, the shoes are better equipped when it comes to traction on the track or support in the gym. They are among the most versatile options in their class and their mid-range appeal makes them a good option for runners of all levels.


The most important upgrade made to the shoes comes with the upper. With a new design using knit materials, it is comfortable, supportive and it looks good as well. Many runners appreciate the upgrade and for the price, it can even be compared with some other knit uppers from premium alternatives.

At the same time, the shoes feature a simplistic upper with not too many characteristics of innovation. This can only be seen as a positive as the shoes represent one of the simple and efficient designs, especially in the conditions in which they are not made for the mass appeal of the designs with overlays. The upper is made for the runner and this is where Brooks made a good job keeping the design simple. With the added BioMoGo DNA technology, the shoes are also up to date when it comes to cushioning, even if the technology is not new. Adapting it from other Brooks shoes was simple and efficient and it worked great with the knit upper, even with the considerable 12 mm heel to toe drop. If you don’t mind the higher platform, the shoes are a cushioned solution for all styles of running.


The outsole is dominated by the blown rubber in the forefoot and on the heel areas. With added flexion grooves, it represents a supportive solution with good traction across all types of surfaces. The midfoot area also benefits from an added pad which can support the arch when needed for better shock absorption.


The midsole of the shoes features the popular BioMoGo technology as you might already expect. This is where Brooks did a good job when it comes to improved overall comfort, especially in the conditions in which it deflects shocks away from the bottom of your feet the harder the stride.


The upper is one of the main strengths of the Revel 2. Made with a distinct knit design, it comes with a traditional tongue and lacing for the ultimate fit. Some runners also like the extra-thick ankle cushioning with its padding which can represent a strong point over long runs or intense training sessions. Made to maintain its shape in time, the upper is one of the stronger points of the shoes with its overall flexibility and good breathability levels. It is also an upper which is versatile and this means that it responds well in running but it can also be the breathable solution to use indoors with different types of workouts.

Size And Fit

Made true to fit, the shoes are a comfortable option for most runners. If you have normal width feet, you will have no issues with the shoes. Runners with wider feet might feel they need extra room in the forefoot, especially when running at higher speeds.