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The Brooks Levitate 2 shoes come with a new design and a bold approach. As one of the heaviest road shoes, you might think that they reduce your comfort and your natural running abilities. But this is far from the truth as the extra weight is barely an issue and a small price for the impressive upper with its tight fit. With a proper collar which is made for ankle protection and an outsole built like a tank, the new shoes can be a real solution for road running.

12 reasons to buy

  • Knit upper made specifically for improved comfort for road running

  • Soft guard to protect the Achille’s tendon on long runs is a great addition and an up to date feature

  • Made with a stretchy collar which is able to fit ankles of different sizes compared to the more traditional padded collars which can be seen in other similar shoes

  • Crystal rubber outsole built to offer traction and durability on hard and abrasive surfaces such as roads

  • 8mm heel to toe drop places the shoes among the lower options on the market

  • DNA AMP midsole is made for maximum energy and bounciness

  • Durable cushioning which represents a solution for daily training needs of most dedicated runners

  • Similar cushioning to the previous version but with significantly improved fit due to the versatile upper

  • Knitted upper is a good addition when it comes to durability as it doesn’t crease

  • Traditional asymmetrical lacing with tongue pull-tab for quick and easy lockdown

  • No overlays on the upper to maintain breathability levels

  • Unique upper colors to choose from

2 reasons why not to buy

  • Heavy for some runners

  • Cushioning is largely unchanged from the previous version


90 / 2 ratings

July, 04.2018 89 / 100 by: Adrian Dunn

The upper of the shoes are very comfortable. The knit materials are great when it comes to the ultimate fit and it represents one of the most impressive solutions from Brooks in terms of durability. You will see no creases on the upper even after running for miles. The comfort is further improved by small designs upgrades such as the padded heel area which protects your Achille’s tendon from irritation and discomfort. At the same time, the shoes remain breathable and this recommends them in all weather conditions.

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July, 03.2018 91 / 100 by: Lucas Rodriguez

With a flexibility which is hard to match, the shoes are great for the avid runner. They come with an aggressive outsole with angled grooves, which are different from the classic horizontal grooves. In terms of propulsion, this proves to be a great solution and it makes the shoes a good choice for speed. This means that the shoes also come with a hard cushioning which favors the runner who loves top speeds. With a stretchy upper, they also feel comfortable for long runs as well. In terms of design, I like the color options which really give them a quite modern when compared to other Brooks shoes.

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Features & Specs

Weight: Very Heavy
11.2 oz 317.5 g
66.1% of shoes are lighter
Very light Very heavy
Weight: Very Heavy
9.9 oz 280.7 g
69.23% of shoes are lighter
Very light Very heavy


It’s often the case the shoe manufacturers make products which are aimed to build on the success of an existing design. This is the case with the Brooks Levitate 2 which has to follow the successful first version. While support is similar, the feel of the shoes has been considerably improved.


While the shoes are similar to their previous version in some parts, they offer a better fit. If the midsole and outsole are quite similar, the new upper makes them an option which is up to date with modern standards when it comes to proper fit.


The outsole maintains the same pattern from the previous Levitate. But it has the performance which recommends it for indoor surfaces as well as it is specifically quiet. While the traction can be improved at places, it manages to offer the versatile approach which is needed for multi-surface shoes.

The shoes can thus be used outside on roads or running tracks. They can also be used in the gym where its quiet performance is recommended on flat floors. But they can also work as shoes for other sporting activities.


The polyurethane DNA AMP foam recommends the shoes when it comes to good energy return. They are made for the ultimate experience for those who want the combination of good shock absorption and flexibility. If you have been using the first Levitate, then the experience will be very similar this year when the shoes hit the market.


Most changes have actually been done to the upper. It is here that you have the ability to choose the right options from the start, especially if you seek comfort. Instead of choosing other materials and shoes, the knit upper proves to be a solution which follows the contour of the foot. Furthermore, the upper is designed to be mild to your ankles as well. This can be seen with the stretchy material around the ankle which is successful and which is used in other sports as well. With a design which takes pressure away from the Achille’s tendon, the shoes are recommended when it comes to the ultimate comfort even with such a heavy design.

Size And Fit

The shoes are true to size which means they fit well for all users. Even more, they are made to follow some of the most interesting aspects when it comes to the overall fit issues with knit uppers, such as the loose collar. With a mesh tongue and a pull-tab tongue design, the shoes are easy to fit and they are suitable for wider feet as well due to their versatility.