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The new Brooks Ghost 11 running shoes are among the most interesting choices when you consider breathability and support. But with an offset of 12mm, the shoes represent a powerful option when it comes to shock absorption. With a design which is made to keep moisture away, the shoes represent a viable option for all types of runners, especially those who are dedicated and who run at least a few times per week.

10 reasons to buy

  • Quality mesh for the upper’s construction which favors breathability and overall comfort

  • The upper follows the contour of the foot with no creases and it represents a lightweight material for natural movements

  • The padded tongue is a major plus as it improves comfort and as it reduced the pressure on the midfoot

  • BioMoGo DNA cushioning which adapts to your running style and which offers the proper support for all feet

  • Padded collar for the protection of the ankles and to offer a pleasant experience when running long distances

  • The added forefoot Cush Pod is aimed to maintain the foot in the correct position, even when the midsole is flexed

  • Blown rubber to offer a softer running experience combined with HPR Plus high-abrasion resistant rubber

  • Durable outsole which is recommended for all weather conditions and which has good traction even on rain

  • An added hell counter to improve the overall durability of the upper

  • Tall offset also recommends the shoes for running on flat trails at times

2 reasons why not to buy

  • Slightly heavier than the previous version

  • 4 colors only


73.5 / 2 ratings

August, 06.2018 75 / 100 by: Lucas Rodriguez

I like that the shoes don’t need any break-in. They work well in my case, but they can also be a good solution for the beginner runner as they are comfortable. With plenty of flexibility, the shoes can be among the recommended designs for many runners. But they also look apart. Choosing the style and color with the distinct lacing makes the shoes feel more premium, even if they are just made for the average runner. On some days, the shoes are also the go-to option when training indoors, at the local gym.

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August, 05.2018 72 / 100 by: Daniel Miller

With a design which doesn’t stand out, the shoes might pass as an unexciting solution. But their feel and cushioning recommend them for running every day. Made with added perforations in the upper, the shoes are breathable and supportive as they also come with a strong heel counter. The most impressive characteristic of the shoes is the outsole. I like the durable rubber which is used on the entire surface of the shoe. It offers a stable traction and the durability which is needed on abrasive surfaces such as comfort or track. Even running on the grass at the local park seemed to come with plenty of grip.

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Features & Specs

Weight: Heavy
10.9 oz 309 g
62.71% of shoes are lighter
Very light Very heavy
Weight: Heavy
9.5 oz 269 g
65.38% of shoes are lighter
Very light Very heavy


The shoes are among the first designs from Brooks which are made to offer a sock-like fit. This is why the upper has been designed without a bulky feel and with quality insole materials. But the feeling is also enhanced by the extra padding in the ankle area.


The shoes have been considerable improved with a better midsole with sustainable materials. The outsole is quite capable as well. But this has come at the cost of higher weight. The good news is that the balance of the shoes doesn’t really let runners know that the Ghost 11 shoes are heavier than their predecessors.


Made with a combination of hard and soft rubber, the outsole is among the perfect solutions when it comes to traction and when it comes to durability. Since the rubber can also be soft as is the case with the blown rubber, the added midsole plate in the forefoot comes to balance this and to offer your foot the stability it needs, especially at high speeds. Even more, the durable outsole can be used on all indoor and outdoor surfaces.


Featuring the BioMoGo DNA cushioning, the midsole is adaptive. The harder your run, the more it will work to push back and absorb shocks. But the midsole also features the segmented Crash Pad design which is recommended when it comes to improved overall results, especially at high speeds.

The midsole may also be responsible for the heavier weight of the shoes. They come with a weight of 10.9oz for a regular size 9 which places them among the heavier options in their class. But this can also be interpreted as a positive aspect due to their versatility. The thick offset thus recommends the shoes outside the traditional flat tracks. With durable abrasion rubber in combination with the thick midsole, you can take the shoes on light trail running from time to time as well.


The upper of the shoes has seen the most changes as the manufacturer switches towards the sock-like feel of the shoes. But it is a good upper which allows proper breathability and padding around the ankle area which is hard to match for comfort. With classic lacing, you get the ability to lockdown the shoes on your feet and to improve the way you tackle any type of running, at any speed. The heel counter which has been added by Brooks can only serve as one of the characteristics which are made for added comfort.

Size And Fit

The shoes are made true to size with half sizes available. Brooks has also made options for both men and women even though both of them are heavier than their previous version. But in reality, this extra weight is hard to notice and the shoes fit and perform well under all types of conditions which include wet tracks.