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With plenty of support for overpronation, the Asics Gel Kayano 25 shoes represent one of the best solutions for runners looking for improved overall results. The shoes are lightweight and they come with an engineered mesh upper for the ultimate comfort. Even more, they represent one of the best options when it comes to improved overall results, especially in the conditions in which the cushioning is better and the traction is improved.

10 reasons to buy

  • Meta Clutch technology with an engineered heel counter for proper support even while running at higher speeds

  • An internal fit system with no sews for extra weight reduction and improved overall comfort

  • Made with the Jacquard mesh upper with good dynamic performance in all directions

  • The upper is also useful for overpronators who need extra flexibility in the mesh

  • Flitefoam Lyte technology with reinforced fibers for better bounce and shock-handling ability

  • The Flitefoam technology is also lightweight being up to 55% lighter than the standard EVA foam

  • Made with the Flytefoam technology for a balance of bounce and cushioning which is required with heavy running

  • Distinct modern design with a minimalistic upper

  • Padded ankle collar with added flexibility for a more flexible experience

  • Standard lacing system for improved lockdown

1 reasons why not to buy

  • Bulky around the midfoot


82 / 5 ratings

August, 16.2018 by: RIZKNOWS
Asics Gel Kayano 25

ASICS Gel-Kayano 25 Review (Also vs Gel-Kayano 24 Running Shoes)

August, 08.2018 81 / 100 by: Liam Grant

With more space in the shoe compared to the previous design, the Gel Kayano are among the most interesting solutions to wear in everyday situations. They come with plenty of stability and security from the gel insertions. Since there is extra bounciness, many runners might feel tempted to say that the shoes are not stable. But with the distinct heel counter, they are quite stable for most running styles. The breathability of the upper is not the best feature of the shoes and this is why they might not be as natural as some other alternatives from the manufacturer.

August, 01.2018 83 / 100 by: Connor Fox

With two types of foam and gel insertions, the shoes are among the most responsive solutions for most runners. They offer increased bounce which is recommended when you want to run longer. But at the same time, they come with a torsion system in the midfoot which allows them to be among the solutions which are flexible and which are made to offer proper support, even for mild underpronation. However, the shoes are very comfortable, even with all of these features. With plenty of cushioning, they are among the most recommended Asics shoes used thus far.

July, 26.2018 by: Believe in the Run
Asics Gel Kayano 25

Asics Gel Kayano 25 Video Performance Review

June, 24.2018 by: Jamison Michael
Asics Gel Kayano 25


Features & Specs

Weight: Very Heavy
11.9 oz 336 g
76.06% of shoes are lighter
Very light Very heavy
Weight: Very Heavy
9.8 oz 278 g
71.88% of shoes are lighter
Very light Very heavy
Heel to toe drop: 0
10 mm
41.54% of shoes have less drop
Zero Very high
Heel to toe drop: High
13 mm
50.85% of shoes have less drop
Zero Very high
Heel height: Very Low
22 mm
16.07% of shoes are lower at the heel
Very low Very high
Heel height: Very Low
12 mm
1.96% of shoes are lower at the heel
Very low Very high
Forefoot height: High
24 mm
73.21% of shoes are lower in the forefoot
Very low Very high
Forefoot height: Very Low
11 mm
9.8% of shoes are lower in the forefoot
Very low Very high

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The running shoes represent a much-needed upgrade which comes with some of the best cushioning technologies in the class. If they work well in terms of shock absorption, the technologies are also lighter which makes the shoes a viable option when it comes to better overall comfort. With improved durability, they also represent one of the most interesting options for runners who are primarily seeking a design to balance overpronation which is also lightweight.


With improved cushioning using a midsole which is lighter than before, the shoes are worth the upgrade if you suffer from overpronation. At the same time, they are among the solutions to consider when it comes to better overall comfort, especially in the conditions in which you want to experience the best lockdown with the engineered heel counter and the dynamic mesh upper. There’s little doubt the outsole is at the same level when it comes to durability. This is why the shoes can be a good upgrade if you want to continue running for miles even with overpronation. But the slightly rugged grooves of the outsole might not make them ideal for indoor surfaces such as those in the gym.


The outsole of the running shoes is a great design when it comes to traction. With a thick layer of rubber, it is durable and offers traction on various surfaces. While its primary function is to help you with a grip on flat surfaces, it can also be taken on some beginner off-road surfaces as well. With multiple flexion grooves, the outsole is one of the flexible options which is easy to work with, especially in the conditions in which it is made for overpronation.


The midsole of the shoes uses some of the most popular Asics technologies for support and cushioning. Made with the Flytefoam technology, the shoes are comfortable and they represent a great solution for those seeking improved overall comfort, especially in the conditions in which they are so lightweight. With a lighter profile, you will notice an improved feel, especially if you are coming from EVA cushioning designs. With better results in terms of overall weight, they are a solution if you run for miles and miles multiple times per week.


The upper of the shoes are made with the Jacquard mesh which has good dynamic performance. Made with a design which supports overpronation, the upper is also roomier than some people would expect, but this is normal under these circumstances. With improved overall comfort and better internal fit as well, the shoes come with a sleek feel as there are very few seams to bother your feet.

Size And Fit

The fit of the shoes is specific to overpronation and if you have no issues with pronation yourself, they might not be the best option for you. Since they are roomier, they are also comfortable for those with wider feet. The forefoot of the shoes is also roomy with plenty of movement space for your toes. With better results when it comes to overall fit, the shoes can be a daily solution and maybe one of the options for race day.