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users68 / 100

Made for maximum grip and stability off the beaten path, the Adidas Supernova Trail shoes are comfortable for most runners. Using a mesh upper with overlays, the shoes are also made for added durability which is required in the complex conditions of trail running. With an outsole which grips well and which is made to avoid slippage and possible accidents, the shoes are among the premium options from the German manufacturer.

10 reasons to buy

  • Made with a durable upper which is protected against the elements on the trail with overlays

  • Based on traditional lacing, the fit of the shoes can be adjusted to your running needs

  • Mesh construction for the upper ensures that your feet are well ventilated, even if you run outdoors

  • With an EVA sockliner, the shoes are also comfortable for your feet

  • The outsole is dominated by the flexible Stretchweb with Continental rubber for high-abrasion resistance

  • Dual-density Boost foam under the arch makes the shoes soft and supportive for your feet

  • 10mm drop with a midfoot torsion system which ensures plenty of flexibility which is characteristic to trail running

  • Padded collar for ultimate ankle comfort with added pull-tab

  • Designed to reduce immediate pressure on the Achilles tendon

  • 10mm drop is at the same level as the leading options in its class

2 reasons why not to buy

  • Ventilation can suffer due to the otherwise larger overlays on some long runs

  • Limited color selection


65.5 / 3 ratings

August, 07.2018 64 / 100 by: Joseph Johnson

Made with a synthetic upper, the shoes are durable for most running needs. There are overlays in key areas which makes them even more durable if you decide to use them for runs multiples times per week. I also like that unlike many affordable alternatives, the shoes also come with a torsion midfoot. This gives you stability and it can also work great if you have to deal with overpronation. The traction is not bad either and it is made to tackle different surfaces. Made with Continental rubber, the shoes offer plenty of grip for you to safely run on different surfaces around the city.

July, 18.2018 67 / 100 by: Luke Olson

The shoes are great for high mileage. They don’t require break-in and they are made with a good fit. For my running needs, it represents a comfortable option. Since I come from the previous Supernova, I also feel the shoes are a worthy upgrade. They feel more stable and part of these improvements is actually based on the heel. With a stronger heel counter and a larger heel cushioning, the shoes almost feel as stability designs. They are recommended for those who need that extra security while running, especially on wet surfaces.

July, 06.2017 by: Just Another Runner
Adidas Supernova Trail

Adidas Response Trail Review

Features & Specs

Weight: Very Heavy
13 oz 369 g
18.31% of shoes are lighter
Very light Very heavy
Heel to toe drop: 0
10 mm
6.15% of shoes have less drop
Zero Very high
Heel height: Moderate
32 mm
21.43% of shoes are lower at the heel
Very low Very high
Forefoot height: Low
22 mm
19.64% of shoes are lower in the forefoot
Very low Very high

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  • 3 mm
  • 19 mm
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Choosing the right trail shoes is a matter of preferences. But when you need to see the most popular technologies from Adidas, the Supernova Trail are among the top options to consider. All the major areas of the shoes incorporate at least one popular technology from the international manufacturer.


The shoes come with essential upgrades for trail running. Among the important characteristics is the protective upper which is built to resist humid environments. The dual-density foam support is a good addition for extra comfort while running on uneven terrain. But the shoes have also been improved on the outsole. With the Stretchweb design, the shoes are now better suited to tackle the difficult and often changing surface specific to trail running. Even more, the added Continental tires represent a top solution when it comes to the durability of the outsole. Since abrasion is even more important out on the trails, it might be worth the upgrade from the previous Supernova Trail.


The outsole of the shoes comes with two popular technologies from the manufacturer. Combining the Stretchweb and the Continental technologies and designs is beneficial for the durability and performance of the outsole. Made from the same materials as tires, the outsole is immediately more durable. At the same time, it comes with a webbed look which makes it efficient in all directions. While the outsole is made for the ultimate traction, it is specifically designed for trails and it will not work on flat surfaces.


The midsole of the shoes is also quite comfortable and supportive. The support is ensured by the adiPRENE technology for the entire length of the shoes. With good shock absorption, it works well with the individual support plates such as the thermoplastic unit under the forefoot for proper torsion control and extra flexibility. In case you are wondering about the inside of the shoes, you need to know that Adidas added the respEVA sockliner which naturally follows the contour of your foot for the ultimate support and comfort.


The upper is made from a breathable mesh which is somewhat useful as it is covered by overlays in many places. But the upper features good stretchiness as it maintains its shape well. The heel area is often where manufacturers place their attention and this can be seen in the Supernova Trail as well. Protecting your Achille’s tendon with its design, the collar also comes fully padded so that you don’t feel discomfort, even with side steps. The Geofit collar of the shoes is thus recommended for the runners who stay on trails for hours and hours and who need the extra comfort.

Size And Fit

The shoes are true to their size. The medium design is available for both men and women. In order to stay safe on the trail and to avoid discomfort or your foot slipping inside the shoe, you will need to find your own size and preferred lockdown.