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With a premium design, the Adidas Response Trail shoes are among the recommended options when it comes to different types of terrains. Made with a simple and efficient design, they are easy to clean as well, which can be important when you run on trails frequently. Made with a durable mesh upper, the shoes allow your feet to stay cooler for longer periods of time, especially when you are looking to cover considerable distances out on the trails.

13 reasons to buy

  • Optimized outsole to offer proper traction on different types of trails

  • Waterline design to protect feet against moisture

  • Comfortable Boost cushioning to absorb some of the shocks which are encountered on the trails

  • 10mm offset which is at the average in this class

  • New design specifically made for the needs of the modern trail runners with technologies designs such as the webbed outsole for the ultimate traction

  • Continental outsole materials for improved durability as it was already proven in other Adidas shoes

  • Made with an internal heel counter which has a positive role in foot stability

  • Lightweight for trail running shoes at 12 ounces for a regular size 9

  • Mesh upper with overlays over the forefoot for improved protection

  • Designed with reduced collar pressure on the Achille’s tendon

  • Designed with a heel pull-tab which makes them easier to fit

  • Classic lacing for proper lockdown even for wider feet

  • Available in black, orange or carbon colors

2 reasons why not to buy

  • Tight in the forefoot area with little room for pronation

  • Midfoot lockdown can be improved


92.5 / 5 ratings

January, 02.2019 by: MrOscillot
Adidas Response Trail

Review of the Adidas Response Trail (2018) Running Shoe: Off-Road Boost!

August, 07.2018 91 / 100 by: Lucas Rodriguez

The shoes fit great. While Adidas shoes can be normally narrow in the forefoot, the Response Trail shoes are actually wider in the toebox. Some other runners feel that the toebox is actually too roomy, but they work great for me. The cushioning is not bad either. For me, they represent the best Adidas shoes for cushioning up to this moment. Even more, I feel the durability of the shoes is underrated. With over 200 miles on the shoes, they are holding up very well. For everyday running, they represent a great solution, especially as they are not as tight as some alternatives.

July, 05.2018 94 / 100 by: Matthew Jones

I like that the shoes work for all seasons. Personally, I have been looking for an Adidas design to keep my feet protected and dry while running in different weather conditions. The outside traction is impressive as well. The cushioning can be great for most runners, but you can’t really expect to see the best cushioning in the forefoot as the Boost tech is only added in the heel area. With added pull tabs on the heel and on the tongue, they are easy to fit for all runners, especially with readjustments if you are running out on trails for hours.

November, 06.2017 by: Just Another Runner
Adidas Response Trail

Adidas Response Trail Review

January, 17.2017 by: Picsoleated
Adidas Response Trail


Features & Specs

Weight: Very Heavy
12 oz 340 g
12.68% of shoes are lighter
Very light Very heavy
Heel to toe drop: 0
10 mm
6.15% of shoes have less drop
Zero Very high
Heel height: Low
30 mm
17.86% of shoes are lower at the heel
Very low Very high
Forefoot height: Very Low
20 mm
14.29% of shoes are lower in the forefoot
Very low Very high

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The Adidas Response Trail is largely based on the Boost cushioning and on the Continental traction and durability. The shoes are among the minimalistic options which are easy to clean and as they are tighter, they are recommended for race day.


The shoes are the first in their line as they have been first seen in 2017. Since they hit the market in 2018, they have opened a new line for Adidas, even if they borrow some technologies and designs from other shoes. The following version is expected to come with a more malleable mesh which can improve their purpose being race day.


With the Continental outsole, the rubber is durable and it is leading quality from Adidas. It is also made to tackle different off-road obstacles which mean that its webbed grip is up to date as well. It naturally follows the direction of the feet and it represents an outsole which is made for uneven surfaces and which is not versatile. This is why you will not be able to use the shoes on the track or at the gym.


Based on the Boost cushioning, the midsole is responsive. The more shocks it has to deal with, the bouncier it will become. This is why it is recommended to use the shoes when you experience underfoot discomfort with some entry-level alternatives. With a 10mm drop, the shoes are among the options which maintain their proprieties even after hundreds of miles.


The simplistic upper is what is needed for maintenance purposes. The overlays in the forefoot are specifically useful as they can easily be wiped with a cloth to keep the shoes in a good condition even after running on trails. The mesh upper has minimalistic water protection but it also comes with decent breathability in the key areas.

The classic lacing is also a good addition, especially when you get to consider the added degree of customization. But since the upper is not bulky, the overall fit of the shoes is tight anyway. The heel area of the upper is dominated by the soft collar which is also made to protect the Achille’s tendon. Even more, with a small heel counter, it also makes the upper maintain its profile better.

Size And Fit

The shoes are tight as they are often seen as the solution for performance. This is why they are recommended for those with narrow or normal feet or for those who are able to go half a size up for the right fit. Even so, you need to know that the shoes which come with forefoot overlays are also less stretchy and might not be the best option if you overpronate.