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With a weight of just 9.6 ounces for a size 9, the Adidas Questar Ride are among the affordable and comfortable options to use for training. They come with foam cushioning and with good breathability, the shoes have everything you need to start running. With a cushioned ankle, they are comfortable to use, especially as the material is made to push away from the Achille’s tendon. With the Ortholite support, your arch will be fully comfortable while running as well.

10 reasons to buy

  • Made for the ultimate running experience where comfort is of the greatest importance

  • Reduced pressure on the Achilles’ tendon favors long running sessions or intense use

  • Made with a back pull tab so that you can easily fit the shoes with no wasted time

  • Two-tone upper favors breathability and comfort when you want to use the shoes for long periods of time

  • Neutral running shoes with Ortholite support to make the bottom of your feet more comfortable

  • Molded heel counter which adds stability in a key area, especially when you are training with sprints

  • The comfortable textile lining makes wearing the shoes feel natural and pleasant

  • Lightweight construction at 9.6 ounces for a typical size 9

  • Rubber outsole with special emphasis on the forefoot and on the heel areas for the traction you need while running

  • Torsion system offers support and flexibility in the midfoot and it maintains the shape of the shoes well

2 reasons why not to buy

  • The upper comes with a plastic look which may not appeal to all runners

  • Narrow forefoot might require going half a size up


83 / 2 ratings

August, 01.2018 81 / 100 by: Adam Wilson

I like that the shoes are now lightweight and breathable. It makes them a top choice for runners who are dedicated to daily training sessions. The very thick midsole also makes them feel like a great design for extra cushioning, which might be needed if you are an avid runner as well. But at the same time, there is reduced flexibility in the midsole, which might be a problem, especially for runners who like to sprint. Overall, the shoes feel great, especially with the molded heel counter which comes with such a bold design.

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July, 09.2018 85 / 100 by: Daniel Miller

The shoes feel great for the summer. In many ways, it is a shoe which can be used for running on different surfaces but I also use them as daily casual shoes. The heel pull tab also helps when I am in a rush, which makes them quite practical. The heel counter which is placed right beneath the pull tab also feels solid and this recommends the shoes for proper heel stability. The overall seamless feel of the shoes is great as they are sleeker than many other similar shoes. The fit is great as well, even if you need a bit more room in the forefoot.

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Features & Specs

Weight: Moderate
9.6 oz 272 g
33.9% of shoes are lighter
Very light Very heavy
Weight: Moderate
8.5 oz 241 g
42.31% of shoes are lighter
Very light Very heavy
Heel to toe drop: 0
11 mm
37.04% of shoes have less drop
Zero Very high
Heel to toe drop: High
10 mm
35.42% of shoes have less drop
Zero Very high
Heel height: Very Low
24 mm
25.53% of shoes are lower at the heel
Very low Very high
Heel height: Very Low
23 mm
21.43% of shoes are lower at the heel
Very low Very high
Forefoot height: Very Low
13 mm
12.77% of shoes are lower in the forefoot
Very low Very high
Forefoot height: Very Low
13 mm
16.67% of shoes are lower in the forefoot
Very low Very high


With a generally good design, the shoes are a comfortable option for runners. Since they look stylish, they are often used as casual shoes as well. But their true performance capabilities are seen when out running and this is why the shoes are a great addition to your running gear, especially as they are affordable.


The introduction of the Boost midsole is good news for the beginner runner. It proves to be good foam for the price and it represents a durable option as well. Paired with the best carbon rubber on the outsole, the shoes can also be seen as one of the upgraded durable solutions for beginners or those who seek an affordable running shoe. Experienced runners might also see value in them as a top second choice for daily training with a sneaker appeal. Since they are made with a modern design, they can easily transition from the running shoe you work with to the casual shoe you wear around the city.


The blown rubber outsole has a positive impact on your running experience. With plenty of rubber on the forefoot, the outsole is ready to offer the best traction across flat surfaces. At the same time, the rubber might not be the leading option when it comes to the best pebble-repelling results, but it works well in most cases.


With the help of the Cloudfoam midsole, the shoes are an option for those seeking an improved overall experience, especially when it comes to support. It works great with the midfoot torsion system which combines the support with flexibility. For many people, it is also a clear sign that the Questar is made to be used for the long-term. With the Ortholite insole, this can only be true as it offers a pleasant experience even when in direct contact with your skin.


The breathable upper might not look as polished as some other versions from Adidas. But the breathability is what the manufacturer aimed for first. This is why the shoes are among the comfortable options which are often the right choice when it comes to the best overall versatility. Running indoors or outdoors is possible when you know your feet stay cool.

Size And Fit

True to size, the shoes are easy to fit. Even more, they fit in a way which protects your Achille’s tendon against irritation. But at the same time, it’s also worth noting that the forefoot might be narrow if you have wider feet. In this case, it is highly recommended to go half a size up to avoid discomfort, especially when you love to run for miles.