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The Adidas Cosmic 2 running shoes are among the most interesting choices form the manufacturer. While they are affordable, they certainly behave above their price. This can be seen in some of the technologies used by the manufacturer such as the AdiWear performance outsole. It is what allows the shoes to be considered durable as well. With the Cloudfoam cushioning, they are also comfortable to wear with just the right amount of flexibility to the midsole. With a clean mesh design with just a few overlays, the shoes look sleek, especially in the Crystal White color.

experts90 / 100
users80 / 100

8 reasons to buy

  • Made with a sleek design which makes the upper look quite premium, far from its low price point

  • Soft collar around the ankle to enhance comfort while running, even if you have wider feet

  • Made with the popular Cloadfoam cushioning which is recommended for comfort and affordability

  • Fitcounter added to the heel are so that the shoes do not rub against your Achille’s tendons

  • AdiWear outsole is used for added durability, even on highly-abrasive surfaces

  • Good breathability and a lightweight profile favor long running sessions

  • Stylish design which can be used in casual situations as well

  • Traditional lacing which is easy to use for lockdown and which can be replaced for a distinct casual look

2 reasons why not to buy

  • Large for some runners

  • Not the best outsole for noise reduced on indoor surfaces


90 / 3 ratings

August, 07.2018 89 / 100 by: David Smith

The shoes come with a seamless upper which is great for durability. There are minimal signs of creasing after running with the shoes every day which make them a great first pair of shoes. At the same time, their comfort is impressive and it is based on the Clodfoam footbed. The insole can also be removed which is great when the time comes to upgrade the shoes to keep them in good running condition. The rubber on the outsole also doesn’t show too much wear and this is why they can be a good solution out on the track or for regular indoor treadmill running.

July, 10.2018 91 / 100 by: Luke Olson

The shoes come with a ventilated upper which is recommended to keep your feet cool. The good part is that they look good and that they also work great to keep my feet cool. The cushioning is considerable as well. It is thicker than what most runners expect and this is why I think they are a good solution for running on hard surfaces such as tarmac. But at the same time, the shoes also come with plenty of grip as the rubber outsole works well on all surfaces.

June, 06.2018 by: Shop Zappos
Adidas Cosmic 2

adidas Running Cosmic 2 Shoes SKU: 9055976

Features & Specs

Weight: Light
9 oz 255 g
23.29% of shoes are lighter
Very light Very heavy

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With one of the most affordable prices in its class, the shoes manage to offer a versatile solution for your running needs. They might also be among the recommended options for those who are new to running but who want to go a step above the typical entry-level design.


The comfort and the fit of the shoes saw the most upgrades. It is with the added OrthoLite sock-liner that the shoes start to feel truly natural as they keep your feet free from irritation. At the same time, the shoes are now designed to protect your Achille’s tendons as well. But most importantly, they use the Cloudfoam technology which is a real added benefit when it comes to proper cushioning with an affordable price. It is the midsole which sets the tone of the comfort and with the mesh breathability, the shoes can be compared with other similar options from other manufacturers.


Using the AdiWear rubber, the high-performance outsole is among the best for traction and durability. But even with these characteristics, the outsole maintains a flexible profile which is required for most runners. With the help of the added flex grooves, the shoes come with the flexibility which is recommended when it comes to running on the track.


With its own EVA materials, the midsole of the shoes is comfortable and supportive. With a lightweight profile, it is among the options which are constantly used on running shoes. Among other characteristics, the midsole also uses the OrthoLite sock-liner. It is used in combination with the cushioning to offer a pleasant running experience which feels natural to the foot. It also plays a role in minimizing odors in the long term and this is why the shoes can be used for miles and miles.


Some of the most impressive characteristics on the shoes are found in the upper. With breathable materials, the upper represents one of the most interesting solutions for those who seek the marathon training solution. Even the comfort is improved for this purpose. With a hell which protects your Achille’s tendons and with a collar which comes with soft padding, the shoes are very comfortable. The lacing system is not pretentious either. It is made for function and it is a good addition to the otherwise modern upper. With just a few overlays on the midfoot and on the heel, the upper maintains a breathable profile which recommends them among the most interesting solutions in their class.

Size And Fit

The size of the shoes can be required going a size down. Since they are made for heel protection, they might even feel loose. In this case, you would need to go half a size down in order to find your own right fit.