About Best Running Shoes

Our mission is to help you choose the ultimate pair of running shoes to suit your unique physical characteristics and individual goals.

The market is flooded with sports footwear, and if you have little or no understanding of the inner workings of a shoe, you’ll most probably stick with a mainstream brand or go for whatever feels comfortable in store.

Why do we think it’s a bad idea?

Because we are avid runners ourselves and we know how something as simple as a pair of sports shoes can make or break your running experience.

No two feet are the same, and neither are our running ambitions. Choosing the right gear can not only save you from injuries and help you run at your best, but also introduce you to a whole new level of pleasure that comes with running. We know it because we’ve been there...


Our reviews are developed by a team of independent running experts. Before a review is published, we dedicate, on average, 10 hours to researching all relevant details behind the product:

- we give it a hands-on examination and assessment
- we go through technical descriptions to find out about the technologies used in the shoe
- we look at upgrades and how they hold up against the properties of the previous models in line.
- we collect opinions of running experts who test the shoes in their training sessions and during races
- we go through hundreds of opinions by users who share their experience with the shoes

Then we pore over the data and come up with our independent review, each with an overall rating on a 1 to 100 scale, so you can better determine whether the shoe is a good fit for you.

To cut the long story short, we give you the right shoes and you conquer the world!