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As a new series, the 361 Strata 2 shoes represent an innovative running solution. Made with a versatile outsole, the shoes can be used for running on different surfaces. They come as one of the most interesting solutions when you consider the lightweight profile at just over 8 ounces. With durable blown rubber, the shoes can be used in different indoor or outdoor running scenarios. The design of the shoes is still similar to a few leading options on the market, but they are beginning to create their unique identity.

10 reasons to buy

  • Lightweight profile at just over 8 ounces

  • Made with a mesh upper with synthetic overlays for a balance of breathability and support

  • The heel area is reinforced for proper support

  • Made with classic flat lacing for added lockdown and good durability

  • Thickly-padded collar for improved comfort around the ankle

  • Made with a plastic plate in the midfoot for added protection against shocks

  • 26mm of cushioning in the heel and 18mm of cushioning in the forefoot

  • Made with a thin tongue which allows you to tie the shoes with the closes fit

  • Designed with a double-layered mesh upper for extra thermal protection during the winter

  • Recommended for urban running surfaces

2 reasons why not to buy

  • Hard cushioning for some dedicated runners

  • Mesh materials can be improved


85 / 3 ratings

July, 24.2018 86 / 100 by: Matthew Jones

With plenty of foam in the heel plus the added heel counter, the shoes feel solid for my style of running. There is plenty of cushioning in the heel to absorb the shocks of every stride, which is recommended if you run at least a few times per week. In terms of fit, the shoes are great even if they come with thin mesh materials. It is why they are actually distinct with their midfoot wrap which allows them to be a solution for both training and race day. The only downside is the somewhat limited modern colors options.

July, 10.2018 84 / 100 by: Daniel Miller

With a tough heel, the shoes are a top solution for my needs as a heel runner. They feel soft for most parts and they come with a dual layer mesh design which is great for breathability and for that extra thermal protection during wintertime. While the cushioning is not the thickest, it responds well on hard surfaces. The shoes perform the best on asphalt, gravel or cement and they can be an option if you like to run around the block. With a distinct look, they will also get you the attention of other runners as well.

February, 01.2018 by: Canadian Running Magazine
361 Degrees Strata 2

Shoe Review: 361 Degrees Strata 2

Features & Specs

Heel to toe drop: 0
8 mm
76.92% of shoes have less drop
Zero Very high


The running shoes are recommended for urban running conditions. They come with one of the most interesting aspects when you consider the situation which you might encounter and that is the cushioning. Often described as a hard cushioning, the design of the shoes favors asphalt and other types of hard surfaces which can be encountered around the city.


The Quickfoam cushioning of the shoes was improved, even if not by much for some runners. At the same time, the upper has also changed and switched towards better heel protection and support, similarly to some modern alternatives of the shoes. With a low-cut collar, the shoes are also flexible and recommended for all types of running styles and distances. But the Strata 2 shoes also come with an improved outsole, which can be a major plus for those who hope for better durability. People seeking improved comfort also benefit from the truly relaxing tongue design.


With a combination of different vertical and horizontal grooves, the shoes offer a good experience with flexibility on hard surfaces. Even more, they represent one of the most interesting solutions when it comes to improved durability with the blown rubber profile. But they are also among the options which work great with intermediary technologies such as the speedplate design. The small plastic plate located at the midfoot represents one of the areas which can benefit your running with better stability and with improved bouncy responsiveness.


The midsole of the shoes is often seen as their weaker point. It is the midsole that many runners complain about, especially with the longer running sessions around the city. This is why it is important to know that you will not experience the same comfort level you would see in gel alternatives or even other shoes with an 8mm offset. For the most part, the foam midsole does a good job on urban surfaces, but with certain uneven terrains, it can become quite tiresome to run on a daily basis.


The upper is strongly influenced by the current shoes which are available in this segment, much as the previous Strata. With a double layer mesh, the shoes are breathable and they can offer some thermal protection during winter time. However, the main strength of the upper lays in the heel cup design. With one of the largest cups in its class, the shoes are a recommended solution for runners who are seeking a solution for their heel-based stride. With added overlays in the forefoot, the shoes are made for the ultimate experience, especially in the conditions in which this area get dirty fast in some environments.

Size And Fit

The shoes are available in multiple sizes although different widths cannot be selected. This makes them a recommended solution when starting out. They are not a primary option for experienced runners who spend hours on hard surfaces every day due to the limited cushioning performance.

With the help of the think tongue design, the shoes have major pluses as well. One of them comes with the very close lacing closure which can be achieved due to the thin tongue design.